Tak Sakaguchi is Prisoner KSC2-303, a criminal who has just escaped from a maximum-security prison. After he heads to the Forest of Resurrection to rendezvous with some gangsters, KSC2-303's escape plan veers off course when an argument with one of the gangsters leads to death. Worse still, KSC2-303 finds out the hard way that when you kill something in the Forest of Resurrection, it doesn't stay dead!

Scott Hardie: “It ruled.”

Asian action films are among the most derivative films in the world, and this one isn’t content just to rip off John Woo and Yuen Wo Ping, but also takes from Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson. It’s a bloody, overstuffed mess with a kitchen-sink approach to genres, but damned if it doesn’t work for much of its running time, giving us many fleeting moments of beautiful action imagery. The actors gleefully throw themselves into their roles, especially Kenji Matsuda as a deliriously clownish thug in a suit. A more cohesive story and fewer agonizing pauses would have made it perfect.

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