Waiting for Armageddon
In this eye-opening, equitable documentary, filmmakers Kate Davis, David Heilbroner and Franco Sacchi explore the lives of evangelical Christians who believe that Armageddon is imminent and that Israel will be the site of Christ's second coming. The film follows evangelicals as they prepare for the apocalypse and examines how their beliefs have influenced the U.S. government's relationships with Israel and the Muslim world.

Scott Hardie: “It sucked.”

I'm not well versed in religious history, so this movie did teach me a few things. But unless you're super-interested in the Biblical prophecy of Armageddon and how this leads to widespread Evangelical support for the nation of Israel, this movie doesn't really have much to offer. It's dry and uneventful, lacking a clear purpose or compelling interview subjects. From what I read online, it also selectively misquotes the Bible, so I wouldn't be surprised if it misrepresented its apocalypse-minded interviewees, either.

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