Kris Weberg | April 15, 2004
So, how's everybody doing on their taxes? A co-worker today just fiuled for an extension. Due to a unique set of circumstances, she has no proof of her Social Security number, doesn't use banks (cashes out at those payday loan places instead), and ended up having her name misspelled on all her crucial official documents.

Hope no one else is having such problems.

Melissa Erin | April 15, 2004
[hidden by request]

Lori Lancaster | April 15, 2004
[hidden by request]

Jackie Mason | April 15, 2004
[hidden by request]

Steve Dunn | April 15, 2004
My tax bill this year makes me want to cry.

I'm not really a crying type of guy. When I was a kid I wept at the end of Where The Red Fern Grows. One time at a Phish concert I got choked up when the guitarist played exactly the notes I thought he should play, but that could have been the drugs. I always get a little damp-eyed at the end of Godspell. I've cried twice after breakups with girlfriends. I got totally stressed out and melted down a few years ago when I was new in my job and feeling completely overwhelmed - I'm not sure if a tear actually broke the eye barrier, but I was in a very bad mood. I cried once when I was 12 and my brother beat the shit out of me...

That's about my whole crying history, right there. I'm generally a very happy guy.

And my tax bill this year makes me want to cry. I am having to rearrange everything for the rest of the year.

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