Scott Hardie | November 15, 2021
I know that several people here have Apple TV+, because Ted Lasso keeps coming up in conversation.

Kelly and I subscribed to it last night and we're trying it out. Scrolling through the various menus, it seems like nearly everything requires additional money to watch. In fact, outside of the "originals" that are unique to the platform, I don't recall seeing a single show or movie on there that I could watch for no additional charge.

Are we paying $5 a month just to see the handful of Apple TV+ originals that appeal to us? Or are there other outside shows and movies included with the service that I'm missing? And what do you think of the service overall?

Erik Bates | November 15, 2021
I have AppleTV+ because I'm an Apple user and have their bundle, which includes storage, Apple Music, etc. Honestly, aside from the few originals that I enjoy, I haven't done anything else with the platform.

As for shows to recommend before you cancel your subscription, I've enjoyed these:

Ted Lasso
The Problem with Jon Stewart

I've heard good things about these, but haven't watched them yet:
For All Mankind
The Morning Show

I'm intrigued by Foundation, but never read the source material, so I don't have expectations.

Tom Hanks appears to have gone all-in on the platform, as he has two films on there that intrigue me. Finch and Greyhound. If he's not careful, he's going to be the Adam Sandler of AppleTV+.

Aside from that, if you're not finding enough shows that intrigue you, and you're not in the Apple ecosystem already, then you're better served buying/renting shows and movies elsewhere if that's what you've been doing. I have yet to buy or rent anything through AppleTV+ because I typically use Amazon for that. If it weren't for the bundle I'm part of, I likely wouldn't subscribe to this platform at all.

Scott Hardie | November 16, 2021
We're enjoying Ted Lasso now. It's as good as its reputation.

Kelly and I have divergent tastes, so I don't know how much we'll get around to seeing, but I'll check out those titles, Erik. Thanks.

Why oh why does their website not have a search feature? If I hear about a good show and want to add it to my list, I have to search in Google for "show name" to find it. Ridiculous.

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