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Pork Chop Sandwiches, Pre-Apocalyptic Fiction, Boston Public, Welcome to the New!, Ruined Plans...Bleh!, Chinese Imports Banned, A Non-American President, Coupling, Burden Brothers, Spencer Tunick, Alabama Antidisestablishmentarianism, Just Surfed on in, iTunes, Arrrr... It's Driving Me Nuts!, atrix Relo, Prejudices on TV, Perceptions, Social Security Here We Come..., Survivor: Pearl Islands, Greenpeace? Greenplease!, Possible Side Effects Are..., Why People Should Read Shakespeare....Or Should They?, Junking Junk Mail, False Advertising, Netflix, Lower Voting Age, Saddam's Capture, Happiness is Lubbock, Texas..., The Return of the King, Voting the Way of Our Parents, Gun Control Views, Favorite Holiday Movies, Question of the Day, See You Next Year, Negative Ad Campaigns, My So-Called Life, College Football, Traveling to the Desert, Resolutions, Hatemongers, Not Kidding, Backfire for Bush, The Quicker Picker-Upper, Mike Rowe, The Passion of the Christ, Survivor: All Stars, Parking Lot Privacy, SelectSmart, R.I.P., WPS, Emoticons and More!, Don't You Hate It When..., Student Teaching Woes, Wimpy Singers, Work Sleepies, Virtual Exercise, Languages, Cover Me, I'm Going in, No Carbs, Stupid People in the Public Eye, Gay Marriage, Impeachment, Warp Factor 8, Job Hunt, Learning Musical Instruments, Allergies!, Beers, Web Snob, Goo Day 2004, Main Menu Links, Predict the Oscars 2005, Pronunciation, Goo Game Question, Show Me the Money!, Oscar Night!, Domain Name, Voting is for Old People, Limb Lengthening, The Polls on the Site Go Round and Round, It's That Time Again..., Chalk It Up to Hard Work, TC Delight, Fat Guys Need Not Apply, "Work for a Magazine", The Illinois Secondary, Another Caption Contest, The Grey Album, A Record of Embarrassment, User Maps, Hospital Visits, New Music?, It's Raining Spam, Smoking is Visually Dangerous?, Social Promotion, E.T. DVD 2 Disk Set, Spring Cleaning, Hot or Not?, Letterman vs. White House, No Sin Sticks While Rolling, Email Probs, Senile Parents, Cats!, I'm Such a Woman, Revenge, Bookworm, Summer Plans?, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off to Work We Go, Web Site Awards, Everything, Cheese That is Painful to the Ears, Legalizing Discrimination in Michigan, Construction Delays, Tragic Talent, Stress, Photographs of War Dead, Music Snapshot, Automated Answering, Site Email, Moving On..., The Vertical Farm, Vaseline, Rewriting History, Poetry Shouldn't Dissent, Happy Birthday, Scott!, Plus ça change, Diets?, All American, Any American, Survivor, Guess Who's 26 on Sunday?, Reagan Dies at Age 93, Office Space Turns Out to Be Accurate, Senseless, Overrated / Underrated, Worst Feeling, Oh Happy Day!, Lost World, Goo Whine, Help Me Keep My Cat, Times to Be Ashamed of Your State, Themed Rounds, Bad Day, E-Grammar, Democratic National Convention, Whole Body Transplants, Open Letters, Dating Scene, Sex Education, Prostitution, School Uniforms, Sales Tax, Voting, Oooooh Saaaaay Caaaaaan Yooooooou Seeeeee...., Star Trek, Beauty and the Beast? or What You See is What You Get?, Daily Goos?, Go Forth and Colonize!, Female Soldiers, Silver Screened Reality?, Education Behind Bars, Cartoon Shows Made into Live Action, With Clarity and Conviction, Musical Moods, Government Olympics, Sinking Ship?, Practical Jokes, Survivor: Nuclear Holocaust, Let's Pretend We're Noble Prize Winners, Drug Testing, Don't Drive Angry, Strike That, It's a Boy!, Required Voting, Monster Ash, Compensation, No More Re-Election?, Tu Nombre, Tipping Over, New York City, Sampling the Goods, Useless, Character Sketch, Myers-Briggs, Babble, Republican Party, Controlled by the Religious Right?, Life Improvements?, Fill in the Blank, The "Right" People, Clothing Makes the Woman, Organ Donation, American Civic Duties?, Birth Control for Young'ins, Educated Guess, Sponsored by TC-ers for Public Office, Beginning High School, Holidays, Summer Comic Strip Round-Up, Kerry, the 4-Month Warrior, Military Grunts, Logically Defensible, Heard Any Good Jokes Lately?, Your Movie, 50 Other Things That CBS News Believes..., Star Wars DVDs, German Klingon, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Silver Screen Guilty Pleasure, Cinenumerology, Where in the World is Da Wookiee?, Music Guilty Pleasure, Food Guilty Pleasure, Assignment: South Park, FactCheck, First Impressions, Music Round-Up, This Week's Goo, Google Game?, It's Not Easy Being Greek, The <Insert Noun Here>, Hurricanes!, Where Does Your Profession Swing?, What is the War on Terror?, I Know Everyone Doesn't Like It But..., How About Some Respect at Last?, How Erik Spent His Thursday, Collections, What Were the Good Reads?, The Debates!, I Want Them All, Fight for Your Right, Here are Your Fifteen... Oye!, Silver Screen Working Stiffs, The Funniest, Yankees Win! Theeeeee Yankees Win!, Third Party Candidates, Photo Call, Fake News, TC Kiddy Style, God as Law?, Twenty, Not in Kansas Any More, Banned Books, The Big One, Support Our Troops?, US Reservists Refuse to Drive Convoys, Goo Reborn, W. 2004, Election Day, Got a Nickname, Tell Us How It Came About!, Halloween Candy, Scott's Pet Peeve #2619, The Next Four Years, What Culture Would You Choose?, Start Kissing Your Reproductive Rights Goodbye, Ladies, Straight Marriage, America the Beloved, Voting Fraud, TV vs. Terrorism, FAL-lu-JAH, Stupid Politicians, Best Movie Quotes, An Informal Poll, Touslin' Presidents, The Best, the Most, Submission, Kids Vote, The Creation Museum, Interpret This Song..., Current Goo, Album of the Year, Traditionnnnnnn! Tradition!, Take My Advice, Smokes for Troops, His Bulging Eyes and Weight Loss Also Suggest a Thyroid Problem, Wal-Mart Sued Over Objectionable Lyrics, Tolerance and Acceptance is Controversial, Surviving Christmas, Stupid Names, Followed Fast and Followed Faster, The Scavenger Hunt of the Century, Where Do You Stand?, What's Your Favorite Color?, Are You Ready for Some Football??, Tech Support, The Ten Best Films of 2004 That I Saw, 24: The New Season, Job Hunt: Part Deux, Advertising Madness, Um, I'm Starting a Thread, Taking a Stand, A Refreshingly Clean Thread, The TC Book/Movie Club, Don't You Dare Delete That..., Favorite Muppet, Cereal Stars, Heeeeere's Johnny, Predict the Oscars 2005, Amy, Let's Start Over, Today's Goo, I Hate Snow, Battle Star Galactica, Predict the Razzies 2005, Jumpy Monkey, Puttin' on the Mitz, Interesting Videos.....Or Whatever, Hi Everyone, More Muppets Than You Can Shake a Stick at, Les Mis, Digital Cameras, 2604, The State of the Union 2005, Up All Night, Cheeeeese!, Ta-Da, It's an Announcement, Searching for Mrs. Right, Twisted Cosplay, They Can Put a Man on the Moon, but They Can't..., Name Popularity Over the Years, Survivor: Palau, Hunter, Gross Gross Gross Icky Gross, Yay Denise (I Suck), Steve's Leaving!, Here I Come...I Guess, Fellow Democrats: Prepare to Lose, Again, Good Goo, Guess Again if You Guess One Again, Seriously... It Can Wait, Get the Paddles! We're Losing Him!, What's So Funny?, What Do You Find Funny?, How to Reach Me, I Haven't Been This Livid in Weeks, Finally It's Over, Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street?, Tom Delay vs. the Judiciary, Goo (0516), The Cheat is in Trouble, Job Hunt: FIN, What's Wrong with Me?, Scrapegoat, The Sweet Taste of Success, Catholicism: A New Pope, Ein Kind Der Kunst, B Negative, Pareidolia, Not Another Medium!!!, You Say Tomato... I Say... Uh..., More Negative Views of Role-Playing, Trouble in the Garden State, The Crimson Room, Assignment: Cinematic Gender Reversal, That's Hot?, Guilty Pleasures, Happy Birthday, Scott!, Four True Things, Music (0558), More Retired Phrases, "Don't I Know You from Somewhere?" Week, Welcome to the Jungle Goo Style, Music (0571), Thorough Music Reviews, Rockin Trend in Advertising, Donchya Wanna... Wanna Fanta?, Will You Cook My Dinner for Me? My Parents Aren't Around and I'm Not Allowed to Turn on the Stove, Heinous House Hunting, Scotty Beams His Last, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Katrina, Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies at Age 80, IM Fever, Reach Out and Write Someone, 672, Anna's Wedding, Consuming More Popculture, Clearing the Field, Oiling the Squeaky Wheels of Childhood, Feeding Frenzy in Aisle Five!, Planet of the Apes, College Football, DVD Madness, Flowers?, Anyone Want a Free Domain Name and Web Space?, We Love the Chronic...les of Narnia, Rant #191982, Happy Birthday, Amy, Goo Game / TC Crossovers, New Years Eve Plans?, Congress vs. the Trolls...., Gaijin Card, Goo 693, Names That Rock, New Pants, Coming Attractions, Rhubarb Jam, Recommend Some Music, Flying Kitties, Quick Celebrity Poll, We All Use Math Everyday..., Spammers - Had Any Recent Dealings with Them?, Predict the Oscars 2006, The Sopranos, A Twister, Auntie Em! A Twister!, Every Picture Tells a Story, One Minor Change Request, There's a Dating Site for Everyone..., NCAA March Madness, "I Want These Motherfucking Snakes Off the Motherfucking Plane!", Descriptions of Goos, French Youth Revolt, 0767, 0776, Travel List, The Godfather Trilogy, Work Work Work, When Will the US Invade Iran?, The Official I'm Traveling Here and I'd Like to Meet TCers in Person Thread, Ol' Dirty Bastard in Florida, Obvious Ending, Exercise Your Music Muscle, Trends That Suck/Kick Ass, Movies, Getting Anxious/Excited!, Chicago!, When in Doubt, Blame Teens, Italia Campione!, Israel, Where's Scott?,, Nerd Out, Comedy and Gender Politics, I Know You're on Vacation, But..., Eventual One-Hit Wonders, Chicago is Fun! I Need Help!, Busy at Work, The History of, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, The Nietzsche Family Circus, Browser Shift, The Ultimate Discussion, When There's Not a Dog Handy..., Soundtrack to Your Life, Assignment Hollywood, Person of the Year 2006, The Ultimate Discussion, Part II, The End of FIN, Resolutions?, Clinton the Second, Awwwwwwww, Yeaaaaaahhh!!!, Don't Bostonians Watch Adult Swim?, Pictures of Wounded Marine with Bride, You May Be a Dork If..., Finding Yourself, I Strenuously Object..., Death Penalty, His Last Words?, School Terror in Virginia, Easy as A-B-D, Got Road Rage?, Year Zero, Book Recommendations, One Hit Wasn't Enough for These Wonders, I am #13, Bitches!!!!, Getting the Message Out, Unreal, Police Brutality Has a New Name: "Hot Springs", The Official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows TC Discussion, Toothy Lawsuit, Rahodeb, Rock Block, RB - Level 10 Card Guesses?, Brand Name Brainwash, Soda, Definitely Soda, Supercentena-What-Now?, Weekly Reader?, For Those About to Rock, We Salute You, Weekend in Chicago - Advice?, Happy Birthday Aaron, Dare I Blog?, Nothing Sacred... All Purpose Family Guy Discussion, Career Inclination, Heaven & Hell, System Failure, Mashups Waiting to Happen, The Tommy Westphall Universe, Insider Tips, What is So Funny About That?!?!, Video Killed the Radio Star, Birthday Cards (Not the Hallmark Kind), RB Achievements, Dumbledore is What???, Anarchy in the R.B., I Think We Should All Do This, Ghost Stories, So What are You?, College Football, The Death of Instant Messaging, Politics are Not My Strong Point, Relay for Life, Nevermore, Poll, Pop Quiz, The Eww Factor, Happy Holidays!!!, Deo Volente, I am Legend, Account Suspended, Oscar Season, Another One Bites the Dust, Go G-Men!!!, The Scott Hardie Appreciation Thread, Compliment Chain, A New Game, Happy Tenth, Goo Game, Stargate: Atlantis, Not Keeping the Faith, Stupidity, Indiana Jones and the Blah Blah Blah..., Round XXXIII Tournament, Ok So Feldman Needs the Work, We Live in a F@#$%d Up World, Assignment: 100 Movie Moments, Interesting Videos -- Part Deux!, NCAA Final Four, Charlton Heston, Jaw of Destiny..., The New Old Stone Temple Pilots, New Music Monday!, Happy Birthday, Nadine!, Music (1222), Political Clichés, As I Mature I've Learned That..., Dashboard, Anyone in the St. Louis Area?, The Difficulty with Difficulty, Summer Events and Concerts, Themed Concerts, So Now I'm Playing Rock Block, How Many Months Until November is It Again?, Trailer for Hancock, Song Crush, Should We Get into D&D?, Local Music, Patriotism, Back to School, Your Debut Album, Friends, Moving Soon, Cheating Week, The Wordle Challenge, GooCon: Siesta Key, Round XXXV Tournament, Democratic Party Crashers, Chrome Finish, An Alternative View on Politics..., Party Time, Goo Beta, He's on Fy-Ahhhh!!!, Happy Happy Joy Joy, Caption Contest, Seriously?, Being Removed Unfairly, Relay for Life, Again!, Another 1000 Goo Club Member, The Ten Best Films of 2008 That I Saw, Firefox vs, "Shall We Play a Game?", I Think I Bruised Something, Is This Funny?, It's 10pm. Do You Know Where Your Athletes Are?, GooCon: Citrus Ridge, Needs, Oscars..., Ten Thorough Years, Star Trek: The Other Motion Picture, Advertising Annoyances, Happy Birthday, Scott!!, Stairway to Heaven (RB), Bookmarking Social, Death Comes in Threes, Who's Your Favorite Founding Father - a July 4th Discussion, Comedy in America, Mazel Tov, RB: The Next Greatest, Goo: Towers, Free Polanski, Sufjan Stevens, Google Wave, Smart Phone Wars, Curiouser, Super Bowl XLIV, Hall of Fame, Sweet Home Chicago, Revelations, Happy Birthday, Jackie!, Double Down, Time to Mix Up the Menu!, Happy Birthday Justin!!!, Rock'n Out in a Universal Language, 4th of July, Not the Last Airbender, What to Do in North Dakota, is Now Funeratic, Blessed Be the Comicbook Fans and the Cosplayers, Ten Years Ago, Jacquelyn Robinson, Cee-Lo's New Video (NSFW Lyrics), If You Think Your Wife Knows Everything Think Again Your Wife Doesn't Know, Have You Actually Read Any of These?, St.Louis Blues, GooCon: Champions Gate, Like a Rolling Stone (RB), The Dude Abides... in the Matrix, Roy Orbison?, The Next R10, Happy Birthday Kelly!, Happy Birthda Russ!, Alexander Nevsky, Who Has Two Thumbs and a Brand New Fiancee?, Happy Thanksgiving to All the Players, Fac Ut Vivas, Surely, You Can't Be Serious..., A Whole New Goo Game, Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin --- Together at Last!, Golden Globes, Megastorm, Musical Interlude, The Oscars, But I Play One on TV, Shop 'til You Drop (Literally), Lost: The End..., Looks Like Dortothy's House in the Wizard of Oz, Bad Drivers, What in the Hail is Up with All This Rain, American Pie, Road Map to Paradise, Random Political Discussion, I Think I'll Pass, Hot Enough for Ya?, Interesting Videos: The Revenge, GooCon: Villa Ridge, Summer 2011 Season, Is It Too Early to Talk About the 2012 Presidential Race?, The Science of Spoilers, Dr. Who, Rock Block Landmines, Happy Birthday Erik, Hey, Look! It's Aaron's Birthday., Professional Misconceptions, Refresco, Happy Birthday Kelly, You Have Got to Be Kidding Me, "He's Even a Hansom Man Distorted", Cardiac Cards!, Animal Cruelty, The House of Cards Could Be Coming Down in Texas, October 27, 1996, The Cards are Stack for Them in Game 7, Things Longer Than Kim Kardashian's Marriage, The End of Abortion, Happy Halloween, Dr. Steve's Brain Teasers, Exemplary Episodes, Some of My Best Friends are Barns, The Goo Tourney is Almost Here!!!!!!!, Grading Your Life, Nobody Likes Mitt Romney, What Pujols Mom is Thinking Right Now, Google Zeitgeist 2011, Merry Christmas, The Coming of 2012, Essential Geography, The Great Pirate Base Image Swap, The Disappearing Saint, Oscars 2012, jcp, False Fast Food Advertising, I'm Back!!, Pirate Paradise, Christening, I Love You... Very Much... Yeah?, Winter 2012 Goo Tournament Commentary, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Targeted, The Best Best, Oscars 2012, Spring is Finally Here, AV Club, Zombified, This Could Be the Next American Idol, Drunk Driving by Proxy, Beginner Brackets, Will the Nerd End Up Dancing to Victory on DWTS?, Mitt and Lucille, Clever Advertising in St. Louis, Happy Easter to All My Friends, Digital Divide, Gender Reveal Parties, 30, Hipster Racism, The Round is Still Perfect, Members Only, It's a Bird It's a Plane It's Disc Golf, Happy Birthday Scott, Little. Yellow. Different., *Tap* *Tap* Is this thing on?, Your Butt is Wide Well Mine is Too..., Toy Guns - Desensitizing Children, Lazer Tag: Embracing 80s Nostalgia, De Plane, De Plane, Maybe the 24/7 News Cycle Isn't Such a Great Idea..., Is Bowling Out for Good, Luck of the Draw, The Dark Knight Rises and Movie Mania, Happy Birthday Steve West, Starting a New Club, Happy Birthday Erik, How Automatic Battles Happen, Happy Birthday, Birthday Greetings!, See You in St. Louis, Feats, Fall TV, I'm Easily Amused, Reunited of the Funeratic Members from the Metro Area, Hurricane's a Comin', When You Wish Upon a Death Star, Here Comes the Election!, Fall 2012 Tournament, Wrath of Circe, Happy Birthday, The Ten Best Films of 2012 That We Saw, Show Me Your Goos, Human Decency, Winter Goos are Falling Like Snowflakes, Obama's 2012, Beat It, Almost Perfect!!!!!! Off by 1, House of Cards, Let's Get Ready to Rumble...... Certain Rules Scott Should Take Under Consideration for This Upcoming Goo Tournament :), Predict the Oscars 2013, Spring Has Sprung, Woods Triumphant, I am Number 1, Spring 2013 Goo Tournament, That's What You Get for Having a Birthday Over a Holiday Weekend, Captain's Quarry, Through the Looking Glass, Finally I'm Perfect, Rearrested Development, Batfleck, Happy Birthday Erik, One Size Fits All, Happy, Happy, Happy!, The Shutdown, Heard Any Good Intellectual Jokes Lately?, Coming Out, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., 17 Years, A Theory is Born, Mandela and Hope, Best Movies of 2013, America the _______, Phil Robertson Ban, Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays, Take Me Away, The Comedians of Winter, G-, Aflixion, Predict the Oscars 2014, Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring, The Walking Dead, Dave's Not Here Much Longer, Another Greatest, The XX/XY Factor, Turning Japanese, Breaking News, Gooooooooooooooooooal, Streamers, Wiki Experiences, Germ Warfare, Open the ClickHole, Mood Ringer, Superman is Flying High, Ferguson, Frozen Out, FOOTBALL!!, Counting Sheep, Decidin' 2014, Marvel Madness, Halloweening, All Grown Up, More Soup for You, Fall TV, Born to Lose, Best Movies of 2014, Dignitary Dinner, State of the Site: December 2014, GamerGate, K Thx, Grand Memories, Oscars 2015, Regretted Recommendations, American Sniping, To Bean or Not to Bean, What are You Listening to (Low-Volume Work Edition)?, Paying It Forward, GOO17, Professional Past and Future, Fifty Shades of Respectability, Conscientious Consumerism, Cultural Amnesia, Sad Sad Song, Blitzkrieg Chess, How I'll Spend My Summer Vacation, Today's Top Issue, Dance Off, Bro, Happy Birthday Scott, The Final Countdown, Burger Time, Task Complete, Career Origins, Against the Grain, Long Live the '90s, Funeratic Football 2015, We Got a Zoo, 5 Albums That Define Your Taste in Music, Promotion Poll Redux, The New Guys, 2016 in 2015, Four Words, Happy Birthday Samir, When to Move On?, Go Set a Sales Record, The Music Chain, Livestreaming, 2015, Fallout 4, Best Movies of 2015, 2016, Oscars 2016, Strange Loyalties, Down with Escalators, Truth in Conservatism, Core Logic, The Truth is Still Out There, McTrouble, 10 Women, Star Swap, Baseball 2016, Replacement Axl, Retiring Phrases, Prince, Indigestion, Pokémon Go, XV, Happy Birthday Steve, How to Feel Old, The Voltron Band, Football 2016, Five True Things, Rewarding Experience, Happy Birthday Erik, Solving for U, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, R.I.P. 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I expect you to die., Greendale Alumni Association, Double Jeopardy, In the Shadow of the Moon, The Bird's the Word, Football 2017, MoviePass, The Defenders, Badges, Irma, Mincaye, Fall Back, Erik, You Monster!, Happy Birthday Kelly, Star Trek: Discovery, What's on the Ol' Boob Tube?, Scott's Pet Peeve #1013, Funeratic Can Now Drink Legally, Regrettable Inedible, Complaints Dept., Neutral Zoning, Best Movies of 2017, Treat Yo Self, Deck the Office Halls, The Rise and Fall of Keaton Jones, TV Jerks, It's Only Rock and Roll, Exclusive Deal, Oscars 2018, 20 Years of Celebrity Goos, Hit Me with Your Best Shot, Winter 2018, March Madness Bracket Challenge, Roseanne Redux, Joke's on You, Les Enfants Terribles, Feeling Old for the First Time, Legion, Happy Birthday Scott!, One World, One Cup, Summer 2018, Football 2018, Brand Me, Alienation, The Tinder Trap, Maverick, Chris Lemler: Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser, Shoot to Thrill, How Now Brown, Wow?, Excelsior, Fall 2018, The Best Movies of 2018, Winter 2019, The Sopranos at 20, Last Rights, Things I Do Not Understand After Trying to Eat Light at a Mexican Restaurant Tonight, All Access? Pass, Oscars 2019, Harry Potter and the Definitive Ending, Groundhog Day, Hemming History, ICE Blocks, Driving Mr. Green, Lemler!, Admissions of Guilt, Tiger's Triumph, Our Lady of Paris, Miranda's Rights, Endgame of Thrones, Cryptographic Cataclysm, Happy Birthday, Scott!, Staked 'n Shaken, Grand Experiment, Wilhelm!, Woodstock, Office Hours, Tux, the Face of Terror, Shaking Down the Family Tree, Alabama Justice, Collectors and Swift Solutions, Football 2019, Funeratic Basketball 2015, Local Food is Strange, When You're a Stranger, Too Slow to Talk, Unpopular Opinions, This is Halloween, On the QT, The 51st, Summer 2019, Happy Birthday Erik, Is It Time to Get the Cats Fixed?, Vexing Volumes, Happy Belated, Samir!, Podcasts, The Last Password, 38? You don't look a day over 37., Cinematic Cities, Dabo, 23 Years, Disney+, Favorite Filmmakers, Christmas Creep, The Greatest Propaganda Machine in History, The Best Films of the Decade, Decade Delimiter, Unstoppable, Oscars 2020, Star Trek: Picard, Fictive Physicians, Land Acknowledgements, Fantastic Island, Make Me Choose, Winter 2020, Mad Mike, Sanders, Cinema Non Grata, Fallen Food, Coronavirus, Z Day, The Right to Disconnect, R.I.P. Kenny Rogers, Tiger King, You Say Tomato, Yo Digo Tomate, In the Land of the Blind, the Drive-Thru Operator is King, Noble Noah, Tragic Comedy: Zoom Edition, Happy Birthday, Scott!, The Most Interesting People in the World, Spring 2020, George Floyd, Minneapolis, and Beyond, Changing Labels, Cop TV, Failure to Deliver, Lady Hey?, Opening Day, Sportsball, and the Like, Rock Around the Clock, Summer 2020, Happy 40th Samir., RIP RBG, Happy Birthday, Chris!, The You Meal, Rock Block Rebuses, Bless This Mess, Fall 2020, Winter 2021, Christmas Music, Best TV of 2020, This is a Disgrace to America, Knocks, WandaVision, Erma Bombeck, Oscars 2021, Steve Can Now Legally Vote on Funeratic, Is This the World We Created?, Taste of America, Happy Birthday, Star Wars... I Mean, Scott!, Spring 2021, To Steve on His Sixtieth, Tragic Comedy Through the Years, Football 2021, Underhanded Upsell, Af-gone-istan, Fall 2021, Summer 2021, Happy Birthday, Aaron!, You Dip Your Fries In..., Happy Birthday, Samir, STLO Tourney Starts Tomorrow, Happy Birthday, Chris!, Been a Long Time, Movie Grammar Sequels, State of the Site: October 2021, Happy Birthday, Russ!, Apple TV+, Scott's Pet Peeve #5918, The End of Difficulty?, MCU Project: Crossovers, MCU Project: Where to Watch the Rare Titles, Wordle, What's in Your Cottage?, and The Colbert Questionert.

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Erik won the 2019 Football season of the Funeratic Fantasy League, and participated in the 2018 Football, 2017 Football, 2016 Football, and 2015 Football seasons.