Jackie Mason | January 9, 2004
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Scott Hardie | January 9, 2004
Stuart Carlson's cartoon today:

Anna Gregoline | January 9, 2004
Pissed me off too, Jackie. I'm of the mind that if they're illegal, ship 'em out. The only reason this is allowed is because if they started stopping all of the illegals from coming here and working, entire industries would flounder (strawberry picking, for one) because the companies are used to paying such low wages. But darnit, Americans need jobs BAD.

Anna Gregoline | January 9, 2004
Besides, if an industry was dying, the government would probably just bail them out like they did the airlines.

Mike Eberhart | January 10, 2004
That's not the same thing.... The government had to do something about the airlines. Because of Sept. 11th, the government grounded all flights for almost 2 weeks. This cost the airlines millions of lost dollars. Plus, ever since Sept. 11th, the airlines were not selling as many tickets because people were choosing different methods of travel. This also caused a problem for revenue. The airlines are just now starting to recover from 2001, and they are only doing this by offering flights on smaller planes, eliminating direct connect flights and adding more connecting flights, and finally downsizing their fleet.

So, this and the immigrant issue is two totally different things. I do agree with you though that they should all be deported, and not allowed back until they have the proper paperwork.

Anna Gregoline | January 10, 2004
No, they didn't really have to bail them out. They've bailed them out several times. Let a few die! It's a free economy. That's what competition is all about. They should have done more earlier, the things you mentioned.

Kris Weberg | January 10, 2004
Yes. People without money or hope get minimal assistance; I fail to see why multimillion dollar corporations or agricultural concerns built on illegally cheap labopr should receive any help at all. Let them pull themselves up by their bootstraps, as conservatives are fond of saying.

Anna Gregoline | January 11, 2004
I talked to Jennifer (i'm campaigning for her to be a part of this site), and she said, "Where to begin? Such a frustrating proposal, clearly promulgated purely to court the latino vote for the election. Others have commented here better than I could."

Jackie Mason | January 12, 2004
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