Scott Horowitz | December 6, 2004
Ever notice how British words are so much cooler than American words? I have been trying to use "bloody" more often in casual conversation and people just think I'm weird. Well, they're all just being stupid gits.

David Mitzman | December 6, 2004
You shouldn't be allowed out of your flat ever. Next time we're in the city, I'm going to push you down a lift shaft. You wanker.

Kris Weberg | December 6, 2004
Cracked up my auto last week, bollixed up the bonnet and shattered the windscreen. Teach me to stay all hours at the public house playing draughts and taking Black-and-Tans. Now I've got myself a fortnight's worth of hospital holiday, and no bennies. I'd palare more, but I'm knackered and they're going to knock me up early in the morning.

Amy Austin | December 16, 2004
Wow, I'm guessing that getting "knocked up" has an entirely different meaning to Brits...

Kris Weberg | December 19, 2004
Indeed, it does. It means "knocking on someone's door to wake them up." Note that like the British use of "rubber" for "pencil eraser," most Brits today are well aware of the American slang meaning and will certrainly have fun with the tourists if the mood strikes them.

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