Scott Hardie | November 2, 2014
What is this symbol?

I see this all the time around here, as a decal in the back window of trucks. It's usually tilted slightly at an angle and solid white. The star is a little bigger than in my recreation but you get the idea.

I'm well aware of the star and crescent's history in the Middle East. I don't think it's that, because these decals tend to appear on giant muddy pickup trucks with anti-Obama and pro-gun bumper stickers, not the sort of place where I'd expect to see a Muslim symbol. Plus, the line appears thick and blocky, like a letter C rendered in a modern font such as Helvetica Bold, not thin and tapering towards the tips like the Middle Eastern crescent. But who knows? Maybe I have some neighbors who are redneck Muslim font nerds.

Is it a corporate brand? Some kind of lifestyle association? I also see lots of Salt Life and marathon runner decals around these parts, so that seems likely.

Because of the nature of this mystery, I find it impossible to Google, so I'm turning to you for help. What is this symbol?

Scott Hardie | November 9, 2014
Kelly found it! She spotted it on the shirt of a teenaged co-worker and asked him. It's the logo of a Sarasota skate and surf shop. Nobody beyond this area would have known it, and being so local, it was even harder to Google than I thought. No wonder I couldn't find it.

Steve West | November 9, 2014
All I found were Islamic references that I was sure was not applicable. Cool.

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