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He's Gay As A Caballero, Japanese Terebi Game Shows, Dear Miriam..., When Fabio Meets Scatological Humor, What's A Zug, Anyway?, Placing Lust's Arrow In Cupid's Quiver, Good Morning, Let's See Who's Dead, It's Not Just Rhetoric, Cartoon Nostalgia, Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk, Dumb Criminals And Other Court Type Stuff, Shadowlands, The Real Colon Blow Cereal, Worst. Playground Toys. Ever., Turn Left At Alpha Centauri, Sometimes Comedy = Pain, Toothpicks, They're Not Just For Club Sandwiches Anymore, I Tap My Magic Wand, A Guy Walks Into A Bar..., This Was No Boat Accident, The Bus Stops Here, Pass Out Drunk And Still Be The Life Of The Party, Greasy Pole (Not Ron Jeremy), Cool Kleenex Dispensers, Driftwood Horses, Professor's Last Lecture, Duncan Hunter, Bottom-dweller., Halloween Post #1: Too Early For Halloween?, Halloween Post #2: Halloween Masks, For Real, The Day In Pictures, What Should We Name The Band?, Hall Of Fame Ballot Contains No Rockers Or Rollers, Halloween Post #3: Haunted Houses, Tattooing's Last Frontier, The Cause And The Cure For The Munchies, Speaking Of Tattoos..., Mythbusters Or Bust, Dumb Criminals And Other Court Type Stuff Part 2, Just As I Suspected..., Toilets R Us, Halloween Post #4: Hellovader, Isn't That The Red Skull In That Weird Pantsuit?, If I Were To Make A Children's Show..., Danger Will Robinson!, Japanese Terebi Game Shows 2, Halloween Post #5: What Do You Mean You're Out Of Blood Colored Yarn?!?, I'd Pick The Kitty, Commercial Parodies, Ahnuld's Dog, Heinrich, Halloween Post #6: Celebrities In Costume, Japanese Terebi Game Shows 3, New Talent On 60 Minutes, Dumb Celebrity Quotes, My Ball Got Whacked With Monkey Poo, Halloween Post #7: Scary Movies, Durante Made A Living With That Nose, (Insert Movie Title) 30 seconds Re-Enacted By Bunnies, Rock, Paper, Saddam!, Free Rice, Slip Slidin' Away, Halloween Post #8: Geek-O'Lanterns, I Know His Name Was Bob (Thanks, Amy), Christmas Post #1: Yeah, I Said Christmas, Unspoken Cultural Differences, Christmas Post #2: I Can See Clearly Now, Punched In The Nose With A Stinky Fist, Christmas Post #3: Syphilis For Christmas, Some Anniversaries Are More Memorable Than Others, Christmas Post #4: I Want A Piece Of Uranus, If I Had A Hammer..., Christmas Post #5: For Those Just A Little Too Happy, Who's In And Who's Not, Christmas Post #6: Beer Foam = Food, 7-Eleven's Legacy, Christmas Post #7: Coloring Crime, Dumb Criminals And Other Court Type Stuff Part 3, Christmas Post #8: Political Pun Waiting To Happen, That Guy With The Glasses, Christmas Post #9: Black Friday And Other Spending Matters, Coolest Home Theater Ever, Christmas Post #10: SNL Parody Inspires Product, Phallic Logo Awards, Christmas Post #11: Niche Market Dolls, And A Super Thank You To You, Christmas Post #12: Sorry About That Chief, The Miracle Of Marlboro, Christmas Post #13: Gettin' Shamed At Christmas, Gettin' The Animals Out Of My Blog Folder, Christmas Post #14: Scared Of Santa, Knock Knock Knockin' On Morpheus' Door, Christmas Post #15: Christmas Kitsch, Book Autopsies, Christmas Post #16: A Hillbilly Christmas, There Really Are Superheroes, Christmas Post #17: Gadgets &Stuff, Absurd One-Shots, Christmas Post # 18: It's The Force, Not An Empty Box, Vanity Plates, Christmas Post #19: More Weird Plushies, Shaken And Stirred Too For Good Measure, Christmas Post #20: Only In America? I Don't Think So., Top Ten Top 10, Christmas Post #21: Christmas Songs, Best Of Photojournalism, Christmas Post #22: Full Metal Rudolph, Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes..., Such As It Is..., Such As It Is..., End Of The Year Post 2007, Start Of The Year Post 2008, So You Say You Want A 2007 List, Such As It Is..., Such As It Is..., Such As It Is..., Get 'Em While They're Hot, Weekly Round-up, For What It's Worth..., All Aboard..., Emptying My Blog Folder, The Five Stages Of Patriots Grief, Yes, I Would Like A Second Helping, Odds And Ends (Definitely Odds), Watch Your Step, I'll Take Potpourri for $1000, Alex, Little Hoover Dam Break, I'm Down To My Socks... It's Posting Time., Auntie Em! It's a Twister, It's a Twister!, Driftwood, Flotsam & Jetsam, One From Column A & Two From Column B, What'd I Step In?, I'll Have The Misogyny Au Gratin, Please, My Child Bride, It's 419, Do You Know Where Your Dealer Is?, ML8 ML8, Scott And The Genie, Lisztomania, Homer Sings, A Story Without Words, Schadenfreude, When You Care Enough To Hit Send II, How Much For A Pint, Mate?, Redneck ROFL, End Of My Blog Sabbatical, Bunch O' Stuff, And Now For A Musical Interlude..., Rock Block Parallel #1: Animal Farm, Rock Block Parallel #2: Food Fight, Real Baseball, Vacation Week, Vanity Plate, Vacation Week II, Stay-cation Week III, Stay-cation Week IV, Stay-cation Week V, Vacation Week VI, Post-vacation Blues, Renaissance: Everything Old Is New Again, Tale Of The Mediocre Football Fan, Back to School Night, Action Hero?, Halloween Time, Halloween Is For The Dogs, Halloween Is For The Cats, Not Halloween But Pretty Scary, Halloween Short Clips, Halloween Is Not For Kids, Do Pumpkins Exist Outside Of These Fall Holidays?, I Hate Dentists At Halloween, Where's Joe The Plumber When I Need Him?, Creepy Halloween Lodgings, Really Cheap Costumes, The Anniversary Gift, GooCon: Siesta Key, No Clowns On Halloween Allowed At My Door, Ten Times Bliss, Darth Vader Is Alive And Well And Living In My Toaster, A Christmas Story for Christmas, Half-time, Santa Claus Can Kiss My Ass, Have I Mentioned How Much I Love My Wife?, For Your Consideration..., The Mickster = Imelda, F* You BAFTA, Is This A Country Song Or What?, Approaching Decision Time, What The Hell Is An Egg Roll Anyway?, Hair's The Thing, Bingo!, Givin' It Up To The Man, What Goes Up..., Beware Of Delaware, Post-Delaware Staycation, Public Service Announcement, My Man-Crush On The Mickster Is Almost Over, Steve's Supermarket Adventure, Oprah Is Immortal, Landscaping, Al Jolsen Meets The Handmaid's Tale, All Aboard The Idiot Train, The Colossus Of Roads, I'm Too Young To Be Old, Happy Halloween, Eleven Times Bliss, Special Olympics, Bad Jobs, Steve's Supermarket Adventure (Cont'd), It's Saturday And You Know What That Means..., How Old Is Too Old For Santa Claus?, Got Dem Sunday Shopping UOAS Blues, How Many Strange Businesses Can One Little Town Have?, It's That Time Of Year, What Are We Gonna Do? Road Trip., Collection of Weird & Wonderful Links, Got Those Grocery Shop On Saturday Blues, Good News, Bad News, Good News..., What Is This, Miami Beach?, Weekend Grocery Shopping Equals..., Art Imitates Life, East Meets West, Respen-A Or Not Respen-A?, Sages And Fools, Welcome To Steve's World, Special Olympics, Take Me Out..., Sarcasm Is Not For Everyone, Laugh Or Cry, Vacation 2010, Just In Time For Voting, Kinderfest, Goo Con III, Winch Ahoy, Strike Two, Autism Walk 2010, Preparing For Battle, Great Moments In Sign Hacking, Christmas Tree Shopping, This Year Goes to 11 contd., 49 Out of 50 is Pretty Compelling, Love Letter and Goodbye, Compassion, Definitely A Hatchet Murderer, Housebuying Stuff, Just My Lucky Day, I Guess, Special Olympics 2011, Mother's Day Gifts, Odds & Ends, We Were That Close, Where's The Winch?, The Long and Winding Road, Stuff Happening, Homecoming, It's The Plumber!, Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, Catching Up On 2011, That's Good Eatin', As The Firm Sang - I'm Radioactive, Passion, Oscars 2012, Crazy For You, Baby, I Am A Marketing Genius, It's Still Rock and Roll To Me, Fast Food, Clowns & Intestinal Disease, One and One-half Is Not the Same As Two, Death, Taxes, and You're Wrong, It's Not My Fault, I'm Like Tyson Without a Face Tattoo, Yes, It's Hot Enough For Me, That's Entertainment, Inspiration, Like Mother Teresa, Only Better, Steve West: Punnyman, Adios Por Ahora, Spain in a Week, Worst Pun Ever, You and Me, Albert, Guns are Not Really a Laughing Matter, Insanity is Relative, I'm Like Evander Holyfield Except With Two Entire Ears, Unlike Burger King, Special Orders Upset Us, Me and Al Bundy, Out of the Closet and into the Stratosphere, She Obviously Wants To Outsource, Apparently, Some Visuals are Best Left Undescribed, Baseball and Androgeny, Massage This, Differences That Make All The Difference, Let Loose The Pigeons!, Ho, Ho, Ho, I Must Really Be Sick, The Magic Kingdom Is, Well...Magic, Be My Valentine, Loud, Louder, Standing Next To A Jet Engine, Dog Lovers Unite, And No Need for Anaesthesia, Halloween 2015, Snowmageddonpocalypse 2016, Pedants 'R' Us, Lauren Peeks Into Imelda's Closet, Information, Please..., Bunny Revisited, Thanksgiving Memories, My Second Dad, My Favorite Memory, Like Father, Like Daughter, Where's the Luxury?, An Open Letter to Trump Voters, Go Around or Go Over, It's My Honor to Be Her Father, My First Baby Got Married, Guardians x 2, Taking Bets for 2021, Sometimes Romance is Spontaneous, How Steve Proposed, Baby Boomer Blues, Father's Day Memories, So, I Got My Concealed Gun Permit, Yesterday..., Anger Management, And Then the Fight Started..., Strange Dreams, What's For Dinner?, Things Remembered, Random Thoughts While Stuck in Traffic, My Child is a Kite, Christmas and a Lizard's Tale, Have a Nice Day!, Lucky Number 5, See You At The Pole, Mariah and the Subtle Burn, Brenda's Diet Diary, My Faith in Humanity is Restored, Worth Your Weight in Gold, You Make Life Worth Living, The Green Thing, Double Talk with a Forked Tongue, Not All Heroes Wear Capes, So, How Much Has Been Spent Saving Matt Damon?, The Reunion, Early Valentine Gift, Mean Husband... or Funny Guy?, Breakfast Becomes Dessert, Police Dogs, The New Store, The Peak of Stupidity, Blue is the Hue, Carnivores R Us, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, Lauren the Builder, and I Died a Spy.

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Happy Meals, Elm Street, Caption Contest, Fluid as Water, Work Sleepies, Languages, Cover Me, I'm Going in, In Defense of Christian Marriage, Show Me the Money!, Oscar Night!, Domain Name, The Polls on the Site Go Round and Round, Chalk It Up to Hard Work, TC Delight, "Work for a Magazine", User Maps, Hospital Visits, Gay Princes, Job Hunt, Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon, Hot or Not?, Cats!, I'm Such a Woman, Bookworm, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off to Work We Go, Tragic Talent, Vaseline, Happy Birthday, Scott!, Senseless, Overrated / Underrated, Worst Feeling, Times to Be Ashamed of Your State, Check, Please, Goo Whine, Themed Rounds, Democratic National Convention, The Worst!, Oooooh Saaaaay Caaaaaan Yooooooou Seeeeee...., Voting, Daily Goos?, It's a Boy!, More Inventions, Sampling the Goods, Useless, Peeps to Avoid, Babble, Organ Donation, Travel, Fill in the Blank, Beginning High School, Heard Any Good Jokes Lately?, 50 Other Things That CBS News Believes..., Silver Screen Guilty Pleasure, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Music Guilty Pleasure, This Week's Goo, Where Does Your Profession Swing?, I'll Never Understand..., What Were the Good Reads?, Collections, Goodbye Superman, Goodbye Grammatology, Silver Screen Working Stiffs, Flu Shot Madness, The Big One, Offroad, Yankees Win! Theeeeee Yankees Win!, My Eyes!, Goo Reborn, Got a Nickname, Tell Us How It Came About!, Can I Get a Woah Bundy?, Photo Call, W. 2004, Scott's Pet Peeve #2619, TV vs. Terrorism, Party Dips and Chips, TV Trivia Time!, The Next Four Years, Start Kissing Your Reproductive Rights Goodbye, Ladies, The Creation Museum, Current Goo, Predict the Oscars 2005, Hunter, You Say Tomato... I Say... Uh..., Gone to the Great Deep-Fryer in the Sky, Summer Movie Season, Pizza, Assignment: Cinematic Gender Reversal, Help! My Remote Control is Fallen, and I Can't Get Up!, The Crimson Room, Anthony!, Assignment: 100 Movie Moments, That's Hot?, Four True Things, "Don't I Know You from Somewhere?" Week, I Have Never, Music (0571), Kitten Cannon, Coincidence?, Happy Birthday, Megan!, 636, Big Man, Happy Birthday, Amy, Rhubarb Jam, United 93, H.R. 4437, Congratulations to Mr. Farney, Work Work Work, Happy Birthday Scott!, Real Men Cry Sometimes, Eventual One-Hit Wonders, The History of, Sovereignty Ascends, Round XXVIII Elimination, *@#&$ Goo Game..., Pumpkin Time, The Ultimate Discussion, Assignment Hollywood, Oscars 2007, Interesting Videos.....Or Whatever, Congratulations to Mike, You May Be a Dork If..., Damn You, Goo Game, Book Recommendations, Things That Still Exist – and Shouldn't, Top 100 Films, Cultural Blind Spots, 25th Amendment, Round XXX Tournament, Rock Block, RB - Level 10 Card Guesses?, Brand Name Brainwash, No Brainer, Inversions, Football Not NASCAR, Soda, Definitely Soda, Gotta Love Gallup, Epitaph Preview, Which Way to the Pissoir?, Art That Lasts..., Pay for Play, Do You Like Free Stuff?, Roving Captions, Weekly Reader?, For Those About to Rock, We Salute You, Assignment: Springfield, Face Recognition, RB21, Gay Marriage, Weekend in Chicago - Advice?, Happy Birthday Aaron, Dare I Blog?, I Know Who Killed It, Sequel Wishlist, RB Achievements, Career Inclination, Happy Kelly-Lee Day, What Do You Do When You Submit a Goo?, Mashups Waiting to Happen, Oh Canada..., Round XXXI Tournament, What is So Funny About That?!?!, Video Killed the Radio Star, Very Short Stories, Plot Summaries in Movie Reviews?, Looking for RB Trades..., Happy Birthday, Kris!, Ghost Stories, So What are You?, That Seems Familiar...And Heroes!, Skanked Out Halloween Costumes, I Think We Should All Do This, Another Sign of the Rock Apocalypse, Happy Birthday, Russ!, Happy Birthday, Anna!, No Goo Tonight, Happy Birthday, Mihai!!!, Happy Birthday, Rhonda!, Block Party II: Cold Turkey, Ricochet, Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise?, Happy Birthday Dave, Happy Birthday, Jojo!, New RB Rule Idea..., Trillions, Poll, The Dark Knight, Folk Music History, Round XXXII Tournament, Pop Quiz, The Baseball Drug Question, The Eww Factor, Happy Birthday Amy, Account Suspended, Interesting Videos -- Part Deux!, Oscar Season, Another One Bites the Dust, The Scott Hardie Appreciation Thread, Compliment Chain, A New Game, Indiana Jones and the Blah Blah Blah..., Happy Tenth, Goo Game, Great Guitarists' Heaven, Guess He Rolled a 1..., Happy Birthday Denise, Round XXXIII Tournament, GooCon: Siesta Key, Super Goo, Happy Birthday, Nadine!, NCAA Final Four, Steve West's Avatar, Block Party III: Rock Around the Clock, Happy Birthday, Jackie!, Themed Concerts, Previous Life Skills, Happy Birthday Justin, As I Mature I've Learned That..., Political Clichés, Beer and Politics, Happy Scott Day, The Difficulty with Difficulty, Round XXXIV Tournament, Was That Just Wrong...??? (Happy Birthday, Scott Ho!), Happy Anniversary of Matt's Birth, Another Birthday Greeting... for Dave!, Are Airline Passengers Freight?, Kelly's Goo, So Now I'm Playing Rock Block, Principal'd, Tim Russert Dies, Meet the Irony..., Trailer for Hancock, Kobayashi Maru, Seven Dirty Words, Dashboard, Happy Birthday Steve!, Back to School, Your Debut Album, First Time Goo..., Cheating Week, The Wordle Challenge, A Loosing Battle, Begging for the Sake of Begging!!!, Round XXXV Tournament, And Then the Fight Started..., Democratic Party Crashers, Everybody's a Comedian, Latest French Surrender, I Don't Know What to Say, Rock Block Old Guard!, Cinemania, Goo Beta, RIP: Film and Salad Legend Paul Newman, Free at Last!, RB: Write-In Poll, Happy Happy Joy Joy, RB: Card Conversion, Rock Block Trades?, He's on Fy-Ahhhh!!!, Caption Contest, Losing My Touch, Ms. 1000, Happy Birthday, Miah!, Literature's Loss, Round XXXVI Tournament, Thank You, Miah!, A Little Lost, Long Distance Post, Rock Block Etiquette, Another 1000 Goo Club Member, Contest Cravings, Happy Birthday to Mike!, Happy Birthday, Firefox vs, I am #13, Bitches!!!!, The Ten Best Films of 2008 That I Saw, "Shall We Play a Game?", President Obama, Matthew Preston - Newest 1000 Goo Guess Club Member, 1000..., It's 10pm. Do You Know Where Your Athletes Are?, Needs, First Volunteer, Oscars..., Naked Controversy, Happy Birthday Lori!!!, Chris's Goo, Congrats Steve..., Write a Punchline, Random RB Question and Comment, Stairway to Heaven (RB), Another 1000 Title, Advertising Annoyances, GooCon: Citrus Ridge, Happy Birthday, Scott!!, Flo Rida Goo, Bookmarking Social, Congrats to Amy Austin, "Those Weren't Crunchberries?", RB: The Three-Week Challenge, About Face, Fun Movie Trivia Game..., Farewell King of Pop..., And Farrah, Too..., The Field Expands, Death Comes in Threes, Comedy in America, From the Earth to the Moon, Holy Cow!!, It's Somebody's Birthday, Happy Birthday!!, Happy Birthday, More Failures, Fantasy Football, Mazel Tov, RB: The Next Greatest, Death Penalty, Halloween Costumes, Goo: Towers, Free Polanski, Happy Birthday Chris, Curiouser, Strangest Thing You Have Done for a Goo..., Great Expectations, Happy Anniversary,!!, Miah! Birthday!!!, Did Someone Say Special?, Hello, I'm Mr. Burns, Tombstones of the Rich and Famous, Anyone Else Dressing Up This Year?, Veteran's Day, Overheard at Thanksgiving..., Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright..., Merry Christmas, My Prediction for 2010: Hollywood Remakes, Search Me, Super Bowl XLIV, Gefeliciteerd, Hall of Fame, That's What She Said, Sweet Home Chicago, 1000 Goo's Club, You Have Got to Be Kidding Me, GooCon Scenarios, Promotion Poll, Deposit Statement, The Bully Taxonomy, Double Down, Goo World Tour, Xkcd, Tampa Gets the Circus, Lost: The End..., Like a Rolling Stone (RB), Place Your Bets (Goo), Time to Mix Up the Menu!, New Eating Disorder: French Fries and Plain Spaghetti, Guy Stuff, Belated Captions Please, Parental Professions, is Now Funeratic, Happy Birthday Chief, GooCon: Champions Gate, Happy Birthday, New Round, Pointless Movie Scenes, Ten Years Ago, It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Jacquelyn Robinson, Muslim Math, You Say Potato, I Say... Whaaat???, Did You Vote Yet?, Have You Actually Read Any of These?, Piranha Bait, Wish I'd Thought of Shreddie Mercury First..., Science Triumphs Just in Time, The Next R10, Keith Richards, I Apologize, Birthday Wishes, Roy Orbison?, Happy Birthday Kelly!, Ain't Science Wonderful?, Funny or Not?, Is It Too Early to Talk About the 2012 Presidential Race?, Happy Birthday, Chris, Anti-Hero, Happy Anniversary!, Great Moments in Irony, If Prejudice is Juan, Then I Don't Want to Be White, Happy Birthda Russ!, Show Me the Meat, Faster Than a Speeding Bullet, Is Muskrat Poop the Next Penicillin?, Who Has Two Thumbs and a Brand New Fiancee?, Fac Ut Vivas, I Beg to Differ, Fastest or First?, Rock Block Card Ranking Travesty of the Day, Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin --- Together at Last!, A Whole New Goo Game, Interesting Videos: The Revenge, Believe It or Not File, Still Flashing After All These Years, WeakLinks, Merry Christmas to All of the Players, This Year Goes to 11, Netflix, That's Fraud, Not Freud, The Daley Show, This Fish is Badass, Golden Globes, Megastorm, Overdue Invention, Musical Interlude, Activism in Wisconsin, Whose the Next to Be Inducted into the Goo Hall of Fame, The Oscars, Pork: The Other White Meat, Spring 2011 Season, Tomorrow is My Bowling Tourney Heading Up There Tonight, Happiness is a Warm Birthday, But I Play One on TV, Funniest Jests of 2010, Shop 'til You Drop (Literally), Welcome!, How Bad is It?, Do You Think Donald Trump Will Get Trumped in the 2012, Movie Pretending, We Don't Need No Edukation?, Another Year "Old" ?, Bad Drivers, Trump/West 2012, Road Map to Paradise, What's in a Name?, Happy Birthday!, The Undefeated, American Pie, Random Political Discussion, Cutting Congress, The Psychopathology of Ferris Bueller, Bedtime for Blago, Favorite Sports Movies, Justice, The Roast of Steve West, GooCon: Villa Ridge, Hot Enough for Ya?, Norway..., End of the Line, Dancing on the Debt Ceiling, Happy Birthday Rich!!!, Summer 2011 Season, 2011 Summer Goo Tourney, Americanisms, Professional Misconceptions, Refresco, Happy Birthday Kelly, October 27, 1996, The Champs are Here, Scariest Movie Scenes, Things Longer Than Kim Kardashian's Marriage, Happy Halloween, Dr. Steve's Brain Teasers, Exemplary Episodes, Some of My Best Friends are Barns, Post No Cones, Grading Your Life, Nobody Likes Mitt Romney, The Goo Tourney is Almost Here!!!!!!!, Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone, Safe at Last, Winter 2012 Season, What Pujols Mom is Thinking Right Now, Google Zeitgeist 2011, Merry Christmas, Pirate Paradise, La Force, The Great Pirate Base Image Swap, I'm Not Dead!, The Disappearing Saint, Happy Birthday Steve Dunn, Scoopy Goes to McDonald's, Oscars 2012, Meanwhile in the Republic of California, I'm Back!!, Presidential Pipes, Steve West - Words with Friends...., Christening, I Love You... Very Much... Yeah?, Winter 2012 Goo Tournament Commentary, The Best Best, Oscars 2012, Zombified, Beginner Brackets, A Bowling I Will Go a Bowling I Will Go, What's Grosser Than Gross?, We Suck, Leaderboard, The Round is Still Perfect, Another Member of the 1000 Club, Happy Birthday Scott, Little. Yellow. Different., *Tap* *Tap* Is This Thing On?, Luck of the Draw, Show Me Your Goos, Happy Birthday Steve West, Join the Club, Happy Birthday Richard, Blatant Trolling!, Starting a New Club, 200+, Happy Birthday Erik, R.I.P. Dennis Wuorenma, Happy Birthday Aaron, Happy Birthday, Birthday Greetings!, Feats, Fall TV, Another Tournament, Hurricane's a Comin', Here Comes the Election!, Happy Birthday, Fall 2012 Tournament, Wrath of Circe, The Ten Best Films of 2012 That We Saw, Merry Christmas, From the Earth to the Mars, This is 40, Beat It, A Promotion Conundrum, Let's Get Ready to Rumble...... Certain Rules Scott Should Take Under Consideration for This Upcoming Goo Tournament :), Plot Holes, Predict the Oscars 2013, Spring Has Sprung, Happy Birthday, 1 Million?, Illumination, Spring 2013 Goo Tournament, Captain's Quarry, Finally I'm Perfect, Dad's Lessons, Summer 2013 Tournament, Coming Out, Heard Any Good Intellectual Jokes Lately?, 17 Years, Knocks, A Theory is Born, The Last Timed Tournament, Black Thursday, America the _______, Take Me Away, The Comedians of Winter, Spring into Summer, The XX/XY Factor, Streamers, Bepuzzled, Springfield Now, Turning Japanese, I Came, ISIS, I Conquered, Long Live Rock and Roll, FOOTBALL!!, Variable Values, The Songs Remain the Same, Born to Lose, Corporate Cuisines, Halloweening, Decidin' 2014, C*, Grand Memories, Picky Eaters Club, Toilet Tact, The Time is Up and Your Time is Now, Dignitary Dinner, The Wrath of Khan, State of the Site: December 2014, Oscars 2015, Undisciplined, To Bean or Not to Bean, GOO17, Professional Past and Future, Hillary, How I'll Spend My Summer Vacation, Sad Sad Song, Rubbish Riddle, State of the Site: May 2015, The Final Countdown, Happy Birthday Scott, Burger Time, Naturally Delicious, Task Complete, Surprise!, Greatest American, Career Origins, Against the Grain, Open Ballot, We Got a Zoo, Funeratic Football 2015, 5 Albums That Define Your Taste in Music, Promotion Poll Redux, 2016 in 2015, Four Words, Circular Reasoning, Nursing Outrage, Overrated, Social Not Working, Guess Where the Monkey Is..., Funeratic Hockey 2015, Go Set a Sales Record, Help Me Stop Being a Jerk?, Sayonara, Summer, Happy Together, Truth in Conservatism, Rockin' Robin, The Voltron Band, Hall of Fame 2016, McTrouble, 500 Errors, Baseball 2016, Retiring Phrases, Prince, Happy Birthday Scott, Samir Has Sprung to Victory, Pulse, How Not to Start the Summer 2016 Round, The Outsiders, GooCon 2016, Happy Birthday Steve, Sunk, How to Feel Old, XV, Football 2016, Jared Leto, Opposition, Five True Things, Rewarding Experience, Solving for U, Trumped?, Funeratic Turns 20, Scary Clowns, Happy Thanksgiving, Star Swap, Scott's Pet Peeve #2726, Your Funny Valentine, Hall of Fame 2017, Flavor Unfavorable, Another World, Another Life, Spring 2017, M-A-P, Greetings from Earth, Cinematic Chefs, The Bird's the Word, Football 2017, Badges, Irma, Mincaye, Erik, You Monster!, Happy Birthday, Chris!, Funeratic Can Now Drink Legally, Regrettable Inedible, Attitude of Gratitude, Hit Me with Your Best Shot, Neutral Zoning, Deck the Office Halls, 20 Years of Celebrity Goos, The Daylight Savings Time is Now, March Madness Bracket Challenge, Singularity Sensation, Joke's on You, Feeling Old for the First Time, Past Tense, Happy Birthday Scott!, Helsinki, Alienation, Football 2018, Brand Me, Maverick, Popular Picture, Shoot to Thrill, Can You Tell Me How to Get to Therapy, Be Ye Not So Stupid, Chocolate Caption Contest, Flagged for Discussion, Winter 2019, The Sopranos at 20, Last Rights, All Access? 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Steve won the 2022 Football, 2018 Football, 2017 Football, 2015 Football, and 2015 Hockey seasons of the Funeratic Fantasy League, and participated in the 2019 Football, 2016 Baseball, 2016 Football, and 2015 Basketball seasons.