Jackie Mason | August 15, 2004
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John E Gunter | August 15, 2004
Get software that will let you scan it for a virus, more than likely, that's what the problem is. Once the software has scanned the computer, found the virus, fixed the virus, then you can install anti-virus software on the computer so this problem will be less likely to happen again.

Course you could also reformat the computer. But that's such a nasty thing to do.


Scott Horowitz | August 16, 2004
The easy fix to all computer problems: Kick It!!!

Steve Dunn | August 16, 2004
Here's a problem for you.

I came back from a long weekend out of town, and my home Mac G4 will not start up. I think it got too humid inside the box because instead of starting, the fan just came on REALLY strong (never heard the fan blow that hard before). I waited several hours, nothing. I set up a box fan to blow on the computer, maybe help the internal fan. I left it on overnight, still nothing. As of this morning the computer fan is still blowing and the computer still will not start up.

Of course we had the hurricane weather come through while I was away - from what I understand there was a lot of rain. When I came home my AC was not running because the house was supposedly cool enough already - it FELT hot and humid inside, though, just because the AC was not running.

Hopefully the computer will be dried out and functional when I get home from work today, but does anyone have any insights on this. Doe my diagnosis of humidity/condensation sound right? Anyone have any ideas?

Scott Hardie | August 20, 2004
Any luck getting it back, Steve?

Scott Hardie | August 20, 2004
Never mind... Just saw the other discussion...

Steve Dunn | August 20, 2004
I'm so annoyed with the Apple Store. And now I think they're getting annoyed with me because I am annoyed with them. Vicious cycle.

Robert Phillips | August 21, 2004
Steve...As a matter of course I would take the RAM out of the system and clean the metal parts with denatured alcohol. When the alcohol dries put the RAM back in the slots and try the start again. Beyond that you can make sure that the hard drive is connected correctly. Simply unplug it and put it back in. It does not seem quite correct to say that humidity did anything. The asics are pretty well insulated and logically IF humidity was a problem then Florida would by definition have many more computer problems than other places.

Robert Phillips | August 21, 2004
The first problem listed above IS a virus. Nasty little thing that I was fortunate enough to avoid getting, but I saw the effects on my neighbors computers. I suggest you get rid of the Windows machines, but if that is not possible you need to get the virus definition file and have it scan your drive.

Jackie Mason | August 21, 2004
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Jackie Mason | August 23, 2004
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Patrick Little | August 24, 2004
Actually it could be a spyware. Spybot is a good program to use to check.

Jackie Mason | August 25, 2004
[hidden by request]

Steve Dunn | August 26, 2004
Robert - thanks! I wish I saw your post before I paid to get the computer repaired - new motherboard AND processor. At least it works now. Seems like taking a computer to the shop is a lot like taking a car to the mechanic. They can pretty much tell me whatever they want, and charge me whatever they want, because I have NO IDEA how to evaluate the trustworthiness of what I am hearing, and I NEED the damn thing fixed, like, right now.

Anyway, thanks again. Next time I'll post here FIRST.

Scott Hardie | August 28, 2004
Today my mom lost her computer and her DVD player to a power surge. Talk about a shitty situation; I go to the other one when one of them breaks. She'll have to have the computer's power supply replaced over the weekend and flat-out buy a new DVD player. (I'm glad she's not going back to video, at least.)

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