Amy Austin | February 23, 2007
It was probably a foregone conclusion to everyone here that it was your year... good job. :-)

Mike Eberhart | February 23, 2007
Thanks, I seriously thought that you were going to beat me out for it. Especially since your such a strong player and have more wins than me. But thanks again. I'm sure your on the clock for next year...

Amy Austin | February 23, 2007
I don't know... I may have to wait in line behind Steve West! But it was clearly your turn this time... you're too far ahead in total guesses (almost a Master!) and time in the game *not* to have been selected. Besides... this gives me another year (or two) to get within reach of "Master" myself! (You guys make it really hard to get there -- I basically have to pick you off one Imelda (or close to it!) at a time... and you know how hard *that* is anymore!!! I may never catch up. :-( Took me forever just to surpass Megan Baxter, and now I'm working on Steve's position... the pole position seems light years away to me!)

Mike Eberhart | March 1, 2007
Yeah, I know what you mean. It's taking me forever to get to the #1 spot also. Denise makes it pretty hard to catch her. However, I'm going to keep applying the heat until I get there.

Denise Sawicki | March 1, 2007
You'll get there dude, I'm not that great of a player, I've just been at it an awful long time :-)

Steve West | March 2, 2007
Congrats, Mike. Not too sure of me before you, Amy. I'm not sure it shouldn't be you (or Elliot or Russ, for goodness sakes) before me, but I'll leave all that to Supreme Goo Master Hardie himself. Really, good job Mike!

Russ Wilhelm | March 2, 2007
I would have to disagree with you on that Steve. The honor isn't just awarded because of being able to guess goo's. It's also about how you've contributed to the game, and the only thing I can come up with for myself is possibly being a factor in revamping how the game is played. No more grids. So I'm not sure if that could be considered a positive influence or not. So at a minimum, I would expect to see you or Amy or a number of others there before I get close. Besides that, I would feel compelled to submit a photo if I made it to that point (humor?).

Anyway, Mike has had a definite influence on the game and his entry is well deserved. Congrats to you Mike and keep up the good work.

Scott Hardie | March 4, 2007
I'll leave the title of Supreme Goo Master to the players. As I recall, I only got three of your rainbow goos, Steve, and one of those wasn't even official. (In case anyone wonders, this week does mean I'm open to entire themed weeks submitted by players. I didn't let E. M. come up with all seven goos in Military History Week and that was wrong of me.)

Russ has it right about influence. Another factor is longevity: All inductees so far had played for at least five years. There are other factors still.

Lori Lancaster | March 5, 2007
[hidden by author request]

Scott Horowitz | March 8, 2007
Well, Lori even though I've gotten your last 2 requests fairly easily, I think you should get it next year for most difficult requests :)

Scott Hardie | March 21, 2007
It seems we have another reason to congratulate Mike. As of this writing, he has achieved the highest score of all time, making him the new Goo Master: (link) He and Denise will probably play leapfrog for at least a few days. Congrats again, Master Eberhart.

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