Scott Hardie | September 30, 2003
Lately I've been trying to develop my basic cooking skills. I'm way too lazy to attempt anything major, but simple casseroles and pasta dishes are within my means. Unfortunately, when I don't burn the food or fail to properly mix the ingredients (the butter was supposed to melt?), my most common mistake is giving everything the same generic flavor. I have this shelf of spices, and something compels me to put a little of everything into each dish I make. I suppose, since I like the flavor of each spice individually, it makes sense to me to use them all. Thus, my chili tastes like my beef-and-vegetable casserole, which tastes like my homemade pizza, which tastes like my spaghetti sauce. This one problem is easy enough to solve, of course, but I'm still lacking the experience and imagination to try other methods of cooking, to think of what else I could be doing right. Any suggestions for a clueless beginner?

Dave Stoppenhagen | September 30, 2003
You know ever since I got married I have started to do a lot more cooking as well. I have found that Grilling is one of the best ways to go. For most meats I like to throw some Lawreys Seasoning salt and Garlic Salt (not powder). But lawreys does have some good marinades in a bottle as well you set your meat in there in the morning poke some holes with a fork and set it in your fridge. I haven't attempted any casseroles or anything like that. But I do make one hell of a pot roast.

Anna Gregoline | September 30, 2003
I don't cook much, but I will soon, when Jesse gets here. My mom bought me a book called the "3 Ingredient Cookbook" or something like that, and it seems pretty simple. is also tempting me with more complicated fare. Sometimes, you have to be tempted by a delicious recipie in order to try something difficult!

K. R. | October 19, 2003
[hidden by request]

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