Matthew Preston | November 13, 2002
Maybe you should post the "believe in ghosts" poll again. Two things over the past week have happened that made me laugh. Whenever something creepy or surreal happens that can be construed as paranormal... I get a kick out of it.
One late night a few days ago I came home about 3am. As the garage door was dropping, I heard a sound like someone mocking an old kung-fu movie. Very clearly high pitched "WAAAAAAA!" Perhaps Bruce Lee has possessed the automatic garage door?
Explanation: Just a coincidental creek of the door in the cold.
My computer has decided that it is a zombie from the Resident Evil video games. Every once in a while it will moan and change pitch. "uuuuuuuuhhhhh....... oooooooooohhhhhhh." The first time I heard it in the basement it sounded distant, I was very confused. I thought someone was upstairs vomiting or moaning in pain.
Explanation: The fan on my video card is dying. I have fixed it before, but this is just fun.

Scott Hardie | November 13, 2002
Yeah, I hear those same "uuuuuuhhhh... ooooooohhhhh" moaning sounds in the morning when I first wake up. Then I realize that I'm making them.

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