Amy Austin | October 20, 2004
Wow, look at me -- I'm starting a thread... ;>)

Hopefully, it isn't *too* gay, but here it is. Sometimes the commercials are actually the best part of sports, so does anybody have a favorite? (Doesn't have to be a Super Bowl commercial -- just one that you like...)

Mine is the Levis commercial where the guy steals the manny's pants and gets stalked while "I Put A Spell On You" is playing -- that always makes me smile.

Whoops -- I guess this should have been subjectified under "Advertising" instead of "Television"... oh well, that's a newbie for you.

Scott Hardie | October 20, 2004
I can only think of a few current commercials off the top of my head. That aging Pringles commercial where the little girl shows the Punisher how to eat chips at a pool party really needs to be retired. It's no longer airing (maybe it never did), but I still have a soft spot for the cog movie from Honda.

Amy Austin | October 20, 2004
Woah -- never seen that one... someone sure must have had fun making that! Pretty cool.

I have seen a Pringles commercial like what you describe -- airing currently -- but I'm not savvy enough about WWF to know if it's Mr. Punisher or not. It did get old after the first time, though!

Scott Hardie | October 20, 2004
I like precocious girls, but that commercial has outlasted its welcome. Eight more episodes of "Survivor" this season means I only have to see it eight more times...

As for the actor, I meant Thomas Jane. I don't know if it's him; it just looks like him. :-)

Incidentally, while looking for a screen cap, I came across this image. I had no idea that the Pringles man loved the ring so much he followed Frodo all the way inside Mount Doom to get it.

Amy Austin | October 20, 2004
Heeheehee -- I'm not familiar with the TV show either, obviously! Is there also a WWF wrestler with that name? I *thought* that the guy in the commercial was puny for WWF!!! ;D

On precocious girls... yes, in the movies -- Dakota Fanning is just the most brilliant little thing I've ever seen under 12 ("I Am Sam"; "Uptown Girls"; "Man on Fire") -- but I can't stand them in the commercials.

Do you know that little Welch's grape juice blonde? I can't *stand* the sound of her voice in those spots... but I happened to see her in a flick that I now cannot remember the name of -- it was about a struggling writer-turned-author of children's books because she showed up in his life (his daughter that he didn't know he had) -- and I thought she was cute in it.

Scott Horowitz | October 20, 2004
My favorite commercial is an M&M one. You have a bunch of Mexican kids beating a pinata for a while, and then it breaks open. The M&M guys fall out and the red one says "I'll never pass out in Tijuana again." hehehe

Lori Lancaster | October 20, 2004
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | October 20, 2004
I like the Adult Swim commercial with the lame sock puppet. He's made really poorly and talks just like a regular dude.

I don't really see commercials any more with the TiVo (hooray!) but I made Jesse stop buzzing through for puppets.

Amy Austin | October 20, 2004
Okay, Anna... I haven't seen that one, but you just made me think of another one that *I can't stand* -- what do you think of the weird-ass cross-between-a-beaten-hamster/gerbil-and-a-tater-tot sock puppets that do the Quizno's commercials (not that I've seen them for a bit now, but Geez!) -- you know:

"EAT QUIZNO's SUUUUBS!!!" Oh boy. Those little dudes were freaky.

Anna Gregoline | October 20, 2004
They're from an internet meme - some silly site with those characters on it. I alternate between being freaked out by them and liking their little voices. But like I said, I haven't seen any commercials in a really long time.

Amy Austin | October 20, 2004
Ah... I did not know that. But I do agree with you about the alternating feelings -- they are freaky and annoying, yet oddly captivating at times... and make you want to randomly shout out their little song.

I guess that means they're doing their job well then.

Todd Brotsch | October 20, 2004
Tastes Great!!!!

Less Filling!!!!

Women fighting in the pool

I love beer.

Lori Lancaster | October 21, 2004
[hidden by request]

David Mitzman | October 21, 2004
Pepsi commercial:
From security camera surveilance footage: Coke delivery man loading up the cooler at the local grocery. Sees a pepsi cooler, goes and takes a can of pepsi and every shelf in the cooler collapses, makes lots of noise, and spills pepsi cans all over the floor surrounding the coke guy. All the while they're playing "You're Cheatin' Heart" by Hank Williams Sr. in the background.

There was also a commercial for an internet website, I forget which one, where they had a guy sitting in a big chair and said something along the lines of "crazy enough to shoot gerbils out of a canon?" and they proceed to fire gerbils at a whole in a brick wall.

Jackie Mason | October 21, 2004
[hidden by request]

Anna Gregoline | October 21, 2004
I remember that second one, Jackie, it was hysterical!

John E Gunter | October 21, 2004
These commericals supposedly aired, but I can see how certain groups would complain, but I still like them alot.

Trunk Monkey


Scott Horowitz | October 21, 2004
I remember seeing an internet parody for a viagara commercail a few years ago. It was a guy doing pushups without hands.

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