Scott Hardie | November 12, 2018
What are your thoughts on the passing of Stan Lee?

Erik Bates | November 12, 2018
You know, I knew he was getting up there in years, and I knew that this day was coming sooner rather than later, but dang... it's sad to see him go.

Scott Hardie | November 13, 2018
Same. He wasn't just the living embodiment of Marvel's brand and a huge contributor to American pop culture—people have been comparing him this week to Walt Disney, and I think that sounds about right—but he feels like the last major link back to the Silver Age of comics. Who's going to pack convention halls now? Jim Steranko?

I grew up on Marvel comics. Lee's presence in them was huge, and not just in spirit: He was still actively writing new books in the early nineties that I read at the time. Lee knew that his heroes would make great movies and spent 25 years tirelessly pursuing that idea in Hollywood before it finally paid off with Blade and Spider-Man and eventually the MCU. He was right about the enormous potential of such films, not just to entertain millions, but creatively to eclipse the comics that inspired them. Even if he took more credit than he deserved for the ideas, his long hard work made possible a huge world of entertainment. I'm one of countless many people grateful for his contributions.

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