Scott Hardie | April 5, 2003
I like my new job. I really do. In fact, I like it so much that I'm willing to make some sacrifices for it, such as not being paid a cent for my first week on the job. But I have to draw the line at working on Saturdays. The boss caught me off guard yesterday when he told me to come in on Saturday, and I agreed with instant regret. And I was furious about it last night, screaming and breaking dishes. I absolutely hate the current American trend of companies expecting their employees to work on Saturdays and sometimes even Sundays. For the people who want to earn overtime and brownnose by going in voluntarily, more power to 'em, but five days a week is all I have to give; I have to have a life outside of the office. So at 9 I'm going to call and inform them that I'm not coming in, and on Monday morning I'm going to talk to my boss about this. I probably won't have to make the choice between working Saturdays or not having this job, but I know what I'll choose if I will.

Scott Hardie | April 5, 2003
Just to clarify: My problem is not with working on Saturday the day. If my week was, say, Tuesday through Saturday, I wouldn't object. What I mind is being told to work six days a week, without having two days off in peace.

Denise Sawicki | April 5, 2003
Hi Scott, what's your new job? I hadn't heard about it.

Scott Hardie | April 5, 2003
I won't mention it here except to say that I have an office and a boss and other obvious details. I'll discuss it in private if anyone wants to know what it is.

Jackie Mason | April 5, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | April 7, 2003
Well, I talked to the boss today, and he was totally cool with me not going in on Saturday. He said working six days a week was "optional." Maybe the fact that I was very sick today and still at my desk had something to do with his generosity. ;-)

Jackie Mason | April 8, 2003
[hidden by request]

Erik Bates | April 10, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | April 10, 2003
You're an RA already, right? Free room and board?

Erik Bates | April 10, 2003
[hidden by request]

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