Scott Hardie | January 25, 2003
I really shouldn't take this stuff so seriously, but I'm getting sick of "Lord of the Rings" fans who don't give any other movie the time of day. I participate in the Hollywood Stock Exchange, and their NominOptions are based on a movie's likelihood of getting nominated for an Oscar. Except that LOTR is dominant in every category in which it competes, because the fans think it should be nominated, not whether it will be nominated. (I honestly would be surprised if Peter Jackson got nominated for an Oscar this year.) The problem is that it affects the price of the other options, which affects the amount of money I have in the HSX. It's only pretend money in what is essentially a game, but I'm still losing it because of these fuckers.

So anyway, just now I took the Internet Movie Database's Best of 2002 poll. It's not like my own choices have any chance of winning, but I'd like it if LOTR didn't dominate every single category there, too. I shit you not, as of this writing, LOTR is ranked number seven in the "Best Documentary" category. Fuck you, LOTR fans!

Matthew Preston | February 1, 2003
You'll have the last laugh when the Oscar Nominations are announced. And shame on the IMDB for even allowing LOTR2 in for the documentary category. If you programmed the site.....

Scott Hardie | February 11, 2003
The Oscar nominations are out today... Eat that, LOTR fans! Sure, you got your Best Picture nomination, not that you have even a sliver of a chance of winning.

Peter Jackson? Shut out.

Screenplay? Shut out.

Viggo Mortensen? Shut out.

Miranda Otto? Please.

Ha ha ha! This feels good!

And I made a fortune on the HSX today, while all those suckers lost one. Wheeee!

My Predict-the-Oscars contest will launch tonight sometime.

Jackie Mason | February 12, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | February 12, 2003
Here you go.

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