Scott Hardie | June 10, 2002
Kelly and I will sign the lease in Tampa on Saturday, then get a truck and fill it here in Sarasota on Sunday, then drive to Tampa and unload the truck on Monday. We need furniture: A couch and 1-2 armchairs, a dining table with 4 chairs, a king-sized bed, 1-2 computer desks, a bookcase, and possibly some patio furniture. (Rugs, framed art and other stuff we can take care of later.) We're under some friendly patental pressure to buy furniture here in Sarasota before we go, and indeed, there's some nice stuff around here. We looked at stuff today, and we're supposed to visit a consignment shop tomorrow to look at more stuff. As nice as this stuff is (and not too expensive), we're both tempted to just wait until we get to Tampa. Why not have them deliver it for us? Won't we find more or less the same selection in Tampa? The opposite reasoning is that we can get the furniture now and be done with it (an Edward Norton line from "Fight Club" comes to mind), and we do already have a truck reserved no matter what. So what should we do?

Matthew Preston | June 11, 2002
I'd wait and have it delivered to your place in Tampa. You might be able to purchase it in Sarasota and have it delivered in Tampa, you should ask.

K. R. | June 12, 2002
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | June 12, 2002
Thanks for the advice, guys. I think we're just going to play it by ear and see what happens.

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