Erik Bates | September 19, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | September 19, 2003
Fantastic stuff.

Here is what I believe is the official site, which curiously only hosts four of them. But, it has two others not found elsewhere.

Anna: I feel a little silly having linked to this on your site. First of all, it's not your site's sense of humor. Second, in searching for more shorts, I discovered that they'd already been discussed at length on Metafilter weeks ago, which means that everyone on your site (except me) already knows about them. Thanks for not pointing it out. :-)

Erik: Thanks for the many laughs from these, and for the horse harmony animation.

Anna Gregoline | September 19, 2003
I hadn't seen it before. I thought they were pretty funny, but I didn't watch all of them. Don't worry, I was happy you linked! Keep posting!

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