Chris Lemler | August 24, 2022
If anybody is wondering why I haven't been on here is because I have been streaming from Twitch. If anybody is interested in checking it out this where you can go. Since I have been streaming I have over 1,000 followers. I am not leaving the site just stepping away for awhile. With watching my nephew and streaming its hard to come on here. All I can say is that I will be back and I really enjoy the site and players. Good Luck to all the players. Hope to see you guys stop by when I stream.

Scott Hardie | August 26, 2022
I know how very time-consuming streaming can be, from people who have tried it. It's not easy! But if you have a thousand followers by now, then you definitely know what you're doing, and you're off to a great start. I've known you to have three hobbies before -- the goo game, the bowling, and the disc golf -- all of which you got very good at by dedicating yourself to improvement of your skills, so I expect that you'll excel at this too. Good luck with it, Chris! :-)

Steve West | August 26, 2022
I understand priorities. Good luck with the streaming. Show up enough to update us on how it's going.

Scott Hardie | August 26, 2022
It's too bad that you already surpassed 300 followers because it deprives me of a chance to celebrate by reusing the 300 image. :-)

Chris Lemler | September 7, 2022
Well streaming as gone well except on a few occasions. On twitch you can have MODS to control the chat. Well the update I have for everyone is I was able to a giveaway for a fortnite skin or bundle. I have been getting the viewers. But I ran into a problem with 3 of my MODS. I had to ban 2 of them from my channel cause the MODS were going at each other in my chat and bringing my viewers down. It was Mickey Mouse High School shit and saying stuff I really didn't appreciate it. I have MODS for a reason and not to bring out the cat claws and scratch each others eyes out. But other than that the stream has been going great ever since.

Scott Hardie | September 7, 2022
I am so glad that we have managed to avoid that kind of juvenile Mickey Mouse stuff here. I don't remember it fondly from my earliest days being online circa dial-up services and BBSes around 1990, when I was of an age to behave that way and to seek out similar users. :-( But I'm glad to hear that the streaming is going well otherwise!

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