Steve West | September 26, 2021
I misspelled "cologne" while texting Brenda and autocorrect helpfully changed it to "colon". Thankfully, I caught it before sending. But it made me think of those unfortunate souls who shared their thoughts about cologne and were autocorrect abused.

I love when I can smell his colon on my pillows even though he isn't here.

I walked past a man and smelled his colon.

I hugged grandpa and now I smell like his colon.

Scott Hardie | September 26, 2021
"Flattery is like colon water, to be smelt not swallowed." –Josh Billings

Steve West | September 26, 2021
Wow, Karen! Come over here and smell my boyfriend's colon.

I need a new colon. This one's all dried up.

This smells like my Dad's colon.

Steve West | September 26, 2021
Most of these are winners of the "Funniest Sentence Taken Out of Context" trophy.

Steve West | September 26, 2021
Hey, is that Old Spice I smell? Yeah, it's my colon.

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