Scott Hardie | January 14, 2019
if you had to pick one, what day of your life would you want to live over and over?

Samir Mehta | January 14, 2019
[hidden by author request]

Scott Hardie | January 15, 2019
In my mind I was thinking the latter, but I didn't think long enough about the title to realize that it would hint towards the former. Honestly, either answer is fine, whatever the question provokes in you.

Erik Bates | February 22, 2019
Recent events in my life would make me want to go back and fix a day.

Picking a perfect day to live over perpetually, however, is more difficult. Would re-living a perfect day over and over, with the knowledge that you were re-living it eventually (and probably quickly) diminish the perceived perfection of the day? The longer you're forced to re-live it, the more opportunity you have to see the imperfect parts of it.

Perfect days should exist as perfect memories, lest they lose their lustre.

Scott Hardie | February 23, 2019
Yeah, I can't imagine a day so "perfect" that I wouldn't eventually get tired of the repetition. But if I was not aware of the repetition, and I was enjoying the day anew each time, I can think of a number of candidates, from happy times in my youth to my wedding and honeymoon a few years ago. Heck, even GooCons come to mind as happy days that I wouldn't mind repeating.

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