Scott Horowitz | August 22, 2005
Is it bad that I preoccupied myself with the guess of the current goo #634 as I drove into work this morning? I thought of the clue, and it just came to me. Anyone else think of them at weird times?

Mike Eberhart | August 22, 2005
Yes, all the time.....

Scott Horowitz | August 22, 2005
Damn, there goes my Imelda... I will one day get one, I may have to kill Amy Austin, but I will get one.... :)

Scott Horowitz | August 23, 2005
Geeze, this place has been dead lately... sadly I think if Anna was back, it'd be better...... Hurry up putting your house together Amy...I'm bored!

Amy Austin | August 24, 2005
Aw, shucks, I'm -- sort of -- flattered. Not too cool that someone (else) wants to kill me, but I do feel a little touched... ;-)

Does this mean that I am expected to keep conversations around here going, Scott??? (You are right, though -- that is one thing that Anna was quite good at.) Or is it just that I'm the biggest blabbermouth here anymore -- because that's what I feel like sometimes and so stay quiet unless spoken to... ;-) Hopefully, three posts will do ya' for now...

Scott Horowitz | August 24, 2005
Here's a thought I had recently. When you guess incorrectly, you know how it kills the 4 goos surrounding? top, left, right, bottom? What if it killed all the ones surround? the diagonals too... may make the game a little more strategic???

E. M. | August 24, 2005
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | August 25, 2005
I already said when I brought TC back to life last spring that I would be spending a lot less time with it, but the real reason I don't mind having written so little lately is that I'm not home much. I can barely keep up with the goo game lately; had to rush the clue for today's Military goo rather than adjust it till it was just right like I usually prefer to do, especially for requests. I hope you're satisfied with it, Mike. I think the gooed image came out great, anyway.

That's a pretty good scoring suggestion, Scott. I think the game will stick with grids for at least one more round to come, so that's one way to make it a little tougher.

Ed, I wish you a safe deployment and a safe return. We'll be thinking of you while you're gone.

Mike Eberhart | August 25, 2005
Yeah, I thought the clue was good. I don't really understand one aspect of it, but I'm sure the explanation will answer that. What did you think about my latest request? I thought it was pretty interesting.

David Mitzman | August 25, 2005
I'm trying to piece together an excellently tough request on the level of a Lori Lancaster goo. Maybe if I have a few minutes at work tomorrow I'll put something together.

Amy Austin | August 25, 2005
WOO HOO... bring it, Dave! ;-D

Scott Horowitz | August 25, 2005
Good luck Ed, I wish you a safe trip overseas.... and we'll keep your wife "happy" while you are gone, ;).

Amy, the flowers are from Mitz....

I made a request, might be as good as Becky, not sure yet.

Dave Stoppenhagen | August 25, 2005
Good luck out there Ed. I don't envy your deployment 2 were plenty for me.

Amy Austin | August 25, 2005
Roger that, Dave... (except that I *do* have a smidge of envy -- there are some things that I miss...)

E. M. | August 25, 2005
[hidden by request]

Dave Stoppenhagen | August 25, 2005
There are certain aspects I miss, just not kicking it in the sandbox for 3 months and 60 days straight at sea.

Scott Horowitz | August 25, 2005
Come on Ed, we know that you're going to use the internet to solve goos... that's more important than checking in on your wife :)

At least you can tell, when it is in all good fun :)

E. M. | August 25, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | August 25, 2005
Welp, Dave... haven't had the distinct pleasure of "kicking it in the sandbox" (and I'm still a little envious, believe it or not), but E was kickin' it there right after the Cole incident -- which for him meant looking over the top of his beer at SEAL snipers all around the "garden" perimeter -- and that had to have been the shittiest cruise *EVER*, with only 10 days of liberty (minus duty days, of course) in Australia on a whole 6-month cruise!!!

And as for me... 4 months straight at sea (right after 9/11) on one cruise and two beer days on an 8-month cruise -- but it's still bittersweet... ;-)

*edit*: For those who don't know, "beer day" is a Navy tradition... the powers that be finally have a little pity on you for one day -- after 45 straight days at sea -- and allow everyone to have two beers each... WOO HOO! (link) (Of course, there always seem to be those who find ways of having a 6-pack or so -- supply guys and those with the hook-up or just buying up coupons...) I think this "tradition" was actually started to deal with the inevitable withdrawal of all the alcoholics on board, though. ;-DDD

Amy Austin | August 25, 2005
I am flying out in a chartered 747 and sitting in first class too!

Umm... that is unconfirmed, Shipmate...

Dave Stoppenhagen | August 26, 2005
Ed.. sounds painful

Shipmate that was a bad word on my ships.

We were doing Oil smuggling interdiction in the gulf w/ SEALS, crazy seaman that was in my dept told 1 that he smelled and needed a shower and the other one that his breath stinks and he should go brush. Except there was more foul language in there somewhere.

I miss being out for short periods of time but not the long ones, maybe cause it was easier when i was single. We hit quite a few dry ports in the gulf, that was the part that sucked. I don't envy either one of those cruises, I had less than a year before I got my letter telling me i was done, but one of my buddies got activated to ready reservers.

Amy Austin | August 26, 2005
It's a bad word on all the ships I've been on, too, Dave... ;-) (Haven't you picked up on the many ways we express our spousal tenderness? ;-D)

Haha, that seaman's comments made me laugh -- I knew guys like that, too... always in trouble, those guys... ;-) But they sure were good for a laugh, and that always seemed to make it worth it for them (and sometimes us, too!). I don't know how, but it did. I guess they just view it as a prison sentence that they just have to carry out (sometimes even literally, with time in the brig!), and I suppose they somehow figure that it won't really affect them once their out... which is probably true, as long as they can manage to keep that discharge "honorable"!!! Heheheh... but I always thought it was kind of fun/nice to have some jokers around who were willing to go where the rest of us wouldn't -- and to keep the attention off of yourself! ;-DDD

You are definitely right about it being easier when you're single, though, Dave -- a Sailor's life can actually be quite a bit of fun when there's no one missing you back home (and vice versa... although... I know lots who never let that stop them! ;-D)

Dave Stoppenhagen | August 26, 2005
Yeah I recognized it thought it might be the way show your affection, but didn't really know too many Navy people that were married to another. Except one and he killed his wife (wish I was kidding) happened about a year after I got out.

I know what you mean I knew lots of guys like that, and a few woman too.

Amy Austin | August 26, 2005
Geez, Dave... don't be giving him any ideas now! You actually knew these people??? Did he try to hide it or just do it outright? (He did go to jail, right? ;-D)

Amy Austin | August 29, 2005
(sniff, sniff) Well, speaking of Animals... Dropped Ed off on base a couple of hours ago, and all "the girls" went with to say goodbye. I am convinced that they know what's going on, too, because all have been extraordinarily clingy and demanding of our attention/affection these last few days, and Devil (vocal/crybaby that she already is!) has been inexplicably whimpery/whiny, too! I think that they may just miss "Daddy" every bit as much as I already do -- at least, I know that they will miss their wrassling and games of hide-n-seek with him (which is just as cute to watch as real children, IMO!!! ;-D)

Dave Stoppenhagen | August 29, 2005
Yeah I actually knew him, he reported too a friend of mine. It was a really messed up situation after he killed her he dropped his daughter off at day care. He did go to Jail, not sure what the sentence was, not sure if they called it crime of passion or what the deal was.

Amy Austin | August 29, 2005
Wow. As a Photo Mate, I have heard some doozies from those who have had base housing at their stations -- because the duty photogs are the ones who get called in to "shoot" those... not civilian investigators, like out in town -- I never had a billet like that. One guy at Whidbey shot (or stabbed?) his wife and stuffed her in the trunk, drove up to the guard gate, and told on himself... don't know more about it, but everyone in that area knew about it for quite some time after!

That poor little girl... her Daddy killed her Mommy -- I don't know how you get over something like that, especially in foster/adoptive care!

E. M. | September 3, 2005
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | September 3, 2005
Welcome back, Ed. Your new GOO distinction is a unique one indeed. :-)

Amy Austin | September 3, 2005
Whatwhatwhaaaat??? You posted here without even writing to *me* this morning?!?!?!

You didn't tell me there was no pool... I guess we should have known better, but it *does* sound more realistic than a bowling lane/alley on a carrier -- no shame in falling for that one. ;-)

Was the Pizza Hut part true, at least???

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