Matthew Preston | June 15, 2002
Indeed it was! My sister Nicole, her friend Carolyn and I were eating a late/early breakfast this morning at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino cafe. Just was we were finishing up eating and waiting to pay the bill, a group of about 6 people came into eat. There were 4 scantily clad attractive women and 2 guys. Normally I wouldn't look at the guys, and to tell the truth, in Vegas, at the Hard Rock, I don't pay attention to the ladies either... they are a dime a dozen. Anyways...

As they approached the table right next to us, one of the guys had a women on each arm. This drew my attention and I looked to see what was so special about this guy. It was obvious right away, it was Jimmy Kimmel! I looked at both Nicole and Carolyn and we all asked each other "Hey! Is that Jimmy Kimmel?"

He looked good. It looks as if he has lost some weight. Also to my surprise, he is a really small guy. He couldn't have been more than about 5'7" or so and not to big. When I see him on TV, it looks like Adam Corolla is this tall giant, when in fact he is probably only about 6'.

The funny thing about this is just before he came in I was telling my sister that in my 7 months living here in Vegas, I have never seen a celebrity. 4 days before I move away, I did.

Jackie Mason | June 17, 2002
[hidden by request]

Matthew Preston | June 22, 2002
I left for many reasons. (I am in WI now). Mostly because there is no job market out there. I looked for months to try and land a career but I just wasn't getting anywhere. At the end I even applied to a movie theater, a walgreens and a gas station and still didn't even get calls for an interview. I ran out of money and just decided to come back to the midwest.

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