Scott Hardie | August 11, 2019
Should the House of Representatives begin an impeachment inquiry against President Trump?

Samir Mehta | August 12, 2019
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Scott Hardie | August 12, 2019
Agreed. It's how the American government is supposed to function. There's a reason for that power being granted to the House. There is a very strong moral case for it that supersedes politics. Nancy Pelosi seems afraid of the electoral consequences of proceeding with impeachment, but she has a moral imperative to do it, and I would argue a legal imperative. (The Constitution doesn't technically say that an impeachment inquiry must happen, but maybe it should.)

I don't believe that the Democrats' positions in 2020 are as weak as Pelosi does (though obviously she knows far better than me), but I'd rather see impeachment now and Republicans gaining ground in 2020 than the opposite. What good is Democrats being in charge if they're not going to do their damn jobs? If declining faith in institutions is the driving force behind Trumpism and modern populism, isn't the House's failure to impeach Trump just another institutional failure making him stronger? It certainly gives him license to carry on obstructing justice and accepting emoluments. The House is uniquely authorized to bring real legal consequences for Trump's actions; voters replacing him in office is not the same thing. Every week that goes by without impeachment is another week that I grow even more disillusioned with the Democratic Party.

Do you know what the real difference is between Nancy Pelosi and Republicans? The Republicans would have impeached Trump by now.

Aaron Shurtleff | August 13, 2019
I agree. I am not saying he should be impeached. I am not saying he should not be impeached. But I feel like there is more than enough reason to be giving it a serious inquiry. Even if it eventually goes nowhere (which it likely would with the Republican majority in the Senate, if I understand the various parts played by everyone in the process), it seems like it needs to start.

I feel like I say this in a lot of different circumstances, but sometimes doing nothing is a worse decision than doing something but having that something eventually be the wrong thing. I feel like, no matter what people are saying publicly, you have to start the process, or your words mean nothing. If the democrats (or republicans or whatever small party) feel he's done enough to warrant it, they have to. I am not a fan of the phrase, but in this case, I think I have to say:

Put up or shut up.

Scott Hardie | August 14, 2019
Yes. People keep talking about subsequent removal from office as if it's the only point of impeachment. But the formal condemnation that is impeachment is also a worthwhile goal. And so is the mere inquiry, if that's all that happens. They are all better than letting criminal actions go unaddressed.

Above, I said, "I'd rather see impeachment now and Republicans gaining ground in 2020 than the opposite." And sure, I feel that way now, but I could very well see things differently next fall. I'm just saying that I'm aware of at least one instance of my shortsightedness here. (Another: Saying "What good is Democrats being in charge if they're not going to do their damn jobs," when I should have said "the opposition party" instead of Democrats.)

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