Scott Hardie | October 12, 2018
Is anyone else watching the Murphy Brown revival? What do you make of it?

Scott Hardie | November 6, 2018
Apparently I'm the only one. It's... not very good. The show spends an awful lot of time patting itself on the back for being so great and important, and pursuing cheers and applause from the audience for its liberalism rather than just being funny. In fact, most of the humor is awkwardly unfunny, in a way that only sitcoms can be. It's slowly getting better with each episode, so I'm continuing to give it a try, in the hopes that it shakes off the self-importance and starts telling sharper jokes.

Erik Bates | November 6, 2018
I wasn't a fan of the original run, so I haven't really felt the urge to get in on the relaunch.

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