Scott Hardie | February 14, 2015
Would it improve or worsen Celebrity Goo Game if the point bonuses of the lucky cats were fixed in time at the moment when the lucky cat was assigned to its owner?

Some players like to wait until late in the week to solve each goo, because having a lower score when you activate a cat like Kiiro can mean a bigger bonus. If Kiiro's bonus for you was fixed at a specific number based on your level on the pagoda when you acquired him (and it was the same for other cats), would this make the game better by freeing you up to guess any time, or worse by taking away a strategic advantage that some players go to the trouble of earning?

I have no idea if I would actually program this. It's just an idea bouncing around in my head.

Chris Lemler | February 14, 2015
I really like how the game is now. I am thinking people waiting to put a answer is their strategy to the game . I really don't think that would make the competitive play any different from what they are playing now :)

Scott Hardie | September 2, 2019
Follow up to this old conversation:

Someone brought up the possibility of having the lucky cats time out after less than seven days, like maybe four days or five days. This could prevent one player from hoarding a specific cat for a whole week, among other benefits.

I'm of the opinion that hoarding a lucky cat is inherently disadvantageous and should be self-limiting. The faster you use the current cat, the sooner you'll get the next cat. The faster you use every cat in a season, the more cats you'll get overall. Surely you'll get more points from another cat than you would by waiting to activate the current one at an ideal time. The ideal time to activate is always now!

But, that's just how it looks to me from the outside. I haven't actually played with the cats, so I defer to your expertise as players. Is it better to wait? Does it depend on circumstances?

And what's your opinion of shortening the time frame for each cat to 4-5 days?

LaVonne Lemler | September 4, 2019
Scott, I like the idea of limiting cats to 4 days. It would seem to me that more cats will be available during the course of a season for everyone and hopefully would result in frequent position shifts on the Pagoda. It would be nice to see all players in a tighter finish at the end of a season. I know it's difficult for some players to be in the game each day for various reasons and even miss solving goos, as well....but more cats might make up for wrong or missed goos and be an added incentive to join the game more often.

Just a few thoughts, Scott.....whatever you decide will be fine with me.

Scott Hardie | September 7, 2019
Thanks, LaVonne. That's a really good point. I'll think it over and implement at the end of the season if I decide to go for it.

Erik Bates | September 9, 2019
I like the idea of more frequent cats. Seems like a minor change that could have considerable impact on game play and strategy.

I'm admittedly one of those who holds on to a cat sometimes for a full week - mostly to let everyone get above me on the pagoda so I can maximize on points before then answering 7 goos all at once. I don't know if my strategy is logical, but it always sounded good to me.

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