Scott Hardie | February 24, 2002
There was something interesting in Roger Ebert's column today: A discussion of race in "A Beautiful Mind." The real Alicia Nash is El Salvadorian, but a white actress, Jennifer Connelly, was cast for the part. Does a change of race fit into the discussion of the film's changing of historical facts, or should it be treated as a separate issue? Presumably the filmmakers cast Connelly because she's good (unless you ask Matt Preston), but is that enough justification to change the race of this major character?

Personally, I'm disappointed to learn this. Yes, Connelly can act, but there have to be at least a dozen Latina actresses capable of being just as good, and hundreds who would have killed for that part. It's a major role in a major motion picture, and it could have launched a good actress's career. Additionally, it could have made a real statement to highlight this interracial marriage. What's the last Best Picture nominee about an interracial marriage? (Okay, it's not really about the marriage, but the marriage was one of the biggest elements of it.)

I didn't really mind that the filmmakers changed some historical facts to make the movie, because there are valid reasons for doing so. But I can think of no valid reason for changing the race of the character, especially when leaving the race alone would have been better. I'm now disappointed in this film even more than I was before. "Lord of the Rings" for Best Picture!

Matthew Preston | February 26, 2002
In my defense, it's not that I don't like Connelly's performance, it's just that I don't like ANY actresses performance.....

Scott Hardie | February 26, 2002
So what would you make of Ed Harris playing the part of Alicia Nash?

Anna Gregoline | February 26, 2002
I would love to comment on this post, I really would, but I haven't seen the movie.

Kelly Lee | February 27, 2002
hey Myatt I thought you really liked "Contact." You didn't like ole' whatshername's performance? Whats up with you and actresses, and while i'm at it what is up with you and black women?

i'm ok to go

Matthew Preston | February 27, 2002
My comment was just really an annoying joke. Scott and I talked once about favorite actors/actresses and the such and it occured to me that I didn't have a single actress on my list. It was weird. When I really thought about it last night, I came up with a couple.

I loved Jennifer Lopez's performance in the movie "Angel Eyes." That movie moved me. I thought that Julia Roberts did a good job in Erin Brockovich and deserved the oscar, but her Oscar winning speech pissed me off. I know she was happy and all, but the thought came to mind: "Who do you think you are?!" Franke Potente was good in "Run Lola Run" and Louise Fletcher deserved her Oscar in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Jodie Foster was okay in Contact, nothing to write home about though.

To Kelly: I am (was) terrified of Esther Rolle if that is what you are reffering too. Other than that, I can't think of others I don't like.

Kelly Lee | February 27, 2002
what about the rhino catalog lady? I know what fears lurk in the heart of Matt. Pinesol Lady?The three chicks on the jerry springer show that shake their asses? And while I'm at it did you know that the Newhart theme was written by black women?

Matthew Preston | February 27, 2002
I can't remember the Rhino catalog lady... but I do remember joking around with Scott about something. I think the Pinesol Lady is on the TV show "Boston Public" now and I am over it. I'll give you the three chicks that shake their asses on the Jerry Springer show, but that wasn't because of color, that was just plain NASTY! And finally, the "Newhart" theme was written by Henry Mancini.

Scott Hardie | February 28, 2002
You're right about those three women on Springer, but you're wrong about not remembering the Rhino lady. Remember all those MST3K videos? That promo was on before the show started, with the fat black woman on a towel in the desert talking to the camera, and the skinny white guy and the fat white guy dancing and acting silly out in the sand. I know you've seen it because you and Jason and I used to joke around about it back in U-Hall 38.

Scott Hardie | February 28, 2002
PS. Sorry if that came off as mean, telling you what you remember. I didn't intend it to be mean.

Matthew Preston | February 28, 2002
Honestly I can remember joking around about it, but I can't remember just what IT is. I don't remember being afraid of anyone either. You should show me it again sometime.

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