Scott Hardie | July 23, 2003
Not that any of us are big basketball fans, but I'm surprised this topic hasn't come up already. So far, everyone in the court of public opinion seems to be ignoring the revealed facts of the case and are making up their minds based on similar circumstances: Haven't we all heard of rape victims who were not believed afterward because of the status of their attacker, and also of men charged with rape because the woman wanted to extort him or protect her own good name? Based on what I know of the incident, I'm inclined to think he did it, but I'll leave true judgment for the court. Until such judgment is rendered, what do you think?

And incidentally, I love Chuck Berry's method for protecting himself from such charges.

Dave Stoppenhagen | July 23, 2003
I think that the media is paying way too much attention to this story, I have CNN in my ear all day and it has been a constant topic for the past week or so. But after hearing different things like she attempted suicide recently, makes me wonder if she wants the attention. Could it have been consensual sex and then after he was done he said "I'm done get out" and she got pissed and decided to screw him over? I guess with her hiding her face and not showing herself it brings her just as much attention because people want to know who this person is, and with the internet people can find out what they want to know.

Anna Gregoline | July 24, 2003
I think the Chuck Berry thing makes sense, but could also be faked. If I was about to be raped, perhaps at gunpoint, I might do what the guy told me, including posing in a picture with him.If she wanted attention, don't you think she'd be in the limelight and not hiding her face? That alone makes me think it happened.

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