Jackie Mason | November 5, 2004
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | November 5, 2004
Aw, Jackie -- that sucks! I'm so sorry (especially because it was kind of funny, too)... I have this mental picture of the cop and the locksmith watching you drive away and the cop sticking his hand out to the locksmith for his cut (and then heading over to Krispy Kreme for something to take back to the guys at the station!)... pigs.

Scott Horowitz | November 5, 2004
That does suck. What I suggest doing, is keeping a key in your wallet. I always have a backup key on me, in case I lose my keys. While it cannot start the car, it can open the door and I can use my valet key to drive if need be.

And You should f those cops in the a.

Todd Brotsch | November 5, 2004
Fists of steel works so much better though. But I hate to keep replacing my windows.

Amy Austin | November 5, 2004
That's why I'm really glad that my truck has an electronic combo lock on the door -- what an awesome feature!

Jackie Mason | November 6, 2004
[hidden by request]

Kris Weberg | November 6, 2004
I've never seena sexy cop in real life; of course, I only evaluate the female officers, but still. it's odd.

Todd Brotsch | November 6, 2004
Oh man....There was a female cop directing traffic down here. She was slowing traffic down cause she was so hot. Man she was smokin.

Hotter than the black top in Florida on a summers day.


And Scott....that whole wallat key thing...does wonders if your wallet gets stolen.


Scott Hardie | November 6, 2004
I have heard that my grandfather kept a spare key attached underneath the car with a magnet. But I guess that was the age before duct tape became holy.

Kris Weberg | November 6, 2004
Locking your keys in your car really only got bad once everyone had power locks.

Amy Austin | November 6, 2004
"I've never seena sexy cop in real life..."

I once had an experience involving a disconcertingly sexy NCHP officer, and he looked like he couldn't have been more than 20 (but then, we all know how that can go) -- the story is a good one, but long... and his part is minor, but MAN, was he HOT! His eyes were *teal* blue/green-- and I don't think that they were contacts, either. As if the experience itself wasn't stunning enough, I had a hard time just talking to this guy afterward, he was so dreamy. And I *don't* have that sort of reaction to men very often.

"I have heard that my grandfather kept a spare key attached underneath the car with a magnet."

I was going to say that, too... but doesn't it just seem like the old fake-rock-key-holder trick or the soda-can-stash-box? Like once everybody knows what to look for, what's the use??? (I bet duct tape became holy longer ago than you think, Scott...;>)

"Locking your keys in your car really only got bad once everyone had power locks."

I'm betting not. Unless you mean because they're a lot harder to jimmy open! I know that I would have locked my keys in my non-power lock car with just as high a probability if it weren't for the fact that this particular non-power lock required the key to lock the door -- it didn't lock from the inside, as most do.

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