Scott Hardie | May 7, 2018
Is anyone watching this X-Men-related TV series? What do you think of it?

Erik Bates | May 8, 2018
I started. Got a couple episodes in, and lost interest.

Scott Hardie | May 9, 2018
Kelly and I just finished the first season on Hulu. I know that the second is airing now and we'll see it when it's on streaming.

It's... uneven. The parts with the psychotic breaks are outstanding. I love the flashes of creativity that they have in portraying the main character's frame of mind. No other show on TV looks like this. And the central mystery of "what in the hell is really going on" is very compelling. But the show did very little to develop its characters, so that when that central mystery was finally resolved towards the end of season one, I didn't care about the characters or what happened to them next. The show ran out of steam before it ran out of episodes. I have heard that season two continues the same storyline instead of branching off in a new direction, which is a shame; I doubt that there's more creatively fertile ground remaining in that story, but perhaps with a year off they figured it out.

It's funny, the whole connection to the world of mutants and superpowers is one of the least interesting parts of the show. It could have been a great show if they had dropped all of that and converted the material into a story about life in a mental hospital through the eyes of a psychotic, unreliable narrator.

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