Matthew Preston | December 21, 2003
The Academy Awards are just around the bend. If they hadn't lost credibility to me in the past, they have now. This list consists of the seven movies that are in consideration for Oscar nominations. Of those, only three will be selected to compete for an Oscar. This solidifies the award going to "Return of the King" as no where in sight are either Matrix movies.

Think of Trinity crashing through a window with an agent close in pursuit, or the many times Neo flies through the city at lightning speeds... and my GOD, the FANTASTIC semi-truck collision scene to end the most well done intense car chase / pile-up. This doesn't even scratch the surface to the time and effort put into many of the real-world ship flights, or the incredible final battle in Zion. I was in awe. I will admit that a few moments in the multiple Smith fight, the characters looked fake, but to snub it for even a nomination is a travesty. I can't put into words my disappointment, anger, and frustration at this point.

I think the bigger issue stems from the far outdated rules that the Academy has for selecting the visual effects films. The time has come to nominate more than 3 films. Bump it up to five like most other categories and give deserving films the chance to at least compete.

Scott Hardie | December 21, 2003
Agreed. Completely.

My guess is, it's part of the backlash. Enough members of the committee disliked the films to keep them from getting the necessary votes. And there's also the possibility that the votes were split: Members who liked the films didn't want to give up two votes to them, so some voted for Reloaded and some voted for Revolutions, and divided they fell. But this is unlikely.

I have read support for this decision that amounts to, "The Matrix films used special effects as superfluous elements that were not crucial to the story." And that's true; the flashiest special effects shots in the films were not essential. But the same can be said of most of the other finalists; only Hulk, Return of the King, and Master & Commander (which I predict will be the 3 nominees) had special effects that were absolutely necessary.

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