Scott Hardie | January 22, 2022
Most of the MCU is on Disney+ and Netflix, but here's starting a discussion about how to see the little titles that fall through the cracks. I'll update this as we progress through the MCU. If you find these titles in other places, please update to share the info with everybody.

And if you're inclined to stress about missing one of the short films, please don't. They're totally inessential to understanding the MCU. A few do minor repairs to continuity, while others are just a showcase for a minor character.

The Incredible Hulk (week of January 9, 2022)

First of all, if you're still catching up on last week's film, it's available for $4 on Amazon, Microsoft, Google Play, Vudu, or iTunes, or for $10 on YouTube, or you can get it from Netflix's DVD-by-mail service.

EDIT: I'm crossing out the rest of this comment, because all five One-Shots are now on Disney+.

The Consultant (week of January 30, 2022)

This 4-minute short was originally released on the Thor DVD. That appears to be the only place to see it today. :-(

I tried renting that DVD from Netflix, but they sent me a rental-exclusive version lacking any bonus features. I eventually bought the DVD on Amazon, but if you're going to do the same, beware that some editions have it and some do not, for similar prices. You really have to dig to find it.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer (week of January 30, 2022)

This 4-minute short was originally released on the Captain America: The First Avenger DVD. Thankfully, someone put it on YouTube.

Item 47 (week of February 6, 2022)

This 12-minute short was originally released on the Avengers DVD. That seems to be the only place to see it today. I rented the Avengers Blu-ray from Netflix's DVD-by-mail service and received a copy with all bonus features including this short, so that is likely to work for you too.

Agent Carter (week of February 13, 2022)

Not to be confused with the ABC television series that it inspired, this 15-minute short film was released on the Iron Man Three DVD, and I haven't been able to find it anywhere else. I'm waiting to receive a copy of that from Netflix's DVD-by-mail service, and I'll update this with the result. There's always Amazon if that fails.

All Hail the King (week of March 20, 2022)

This 14-minute short film is on Disney+, thank goodness.

Erik Bates | January 22, 2022
The Consultant and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer are currently available on Disney+.

Scott Hardie | January 22, 2022
Well, what do you know: All five of the original One-Shots are on Disney+ now, along with all three of the "Team Thor" shorts made later for Thor: Ragnarok.

They were totally not there a few days ago when I last searched, much to my frustration now that I'm the owner of Thor on DVD. I'm a little annoyed by the timing, but I'm relieved that they're all available now.

Thanks for finding these, Erik, before I also became the owner of Iron Man Three on DVD. :-)

Denise Sawicki | January 25, 2022
Your local library might have The Incredible Hulk and other movies as well.

Scott Hardie | January 25, 2022
Great point! :-)

Erik Bates | January 25, 2022
Local libraries: inadvertently supporting piracy for decades.

Erik Bates | March 18, 2022
Agents of Shield, Jessica Jones, etc. have all arrived on Disney+.

Scott Hardie | March 18, 2022
Disney+ now hosts 90% of the MCU by minutes, with Hulu hosting another 7.5%. Eventually Disney+ will get the Spider-Man movies, too, and of course they have plenty more shows like Moon Knight coming up, so their share will continue to grow.

Given how expensive Netflix has gotten, how little Kelly and I watch it any more, and how very disappointed we feel every time it cancels one of our favorite shows, this change brings us closer to cancelling our Netflix subscription, the first time in twenty years that I wouldn't be a customer of theirs. :-(

Erik Bates | March 18, 2022
I still find things to watch on Netflix, so I'm going to hang on for a while longer, but I'm with you. They're losing steam to the individual streaming services. They're being disrupted by the system they created.

Evie Totty | March 20, 2022
I'm not sure where the main meta discussion is, but I just wanted to apologize for not keeping up. It's been a mix of overwhelm and forgetfulness. I'll try to catch up - though the last title I saw was The Hulk and I'm still gutted that all that research I'd done was lost to the ether lol.

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