Scott Hardie | February 5, 2004
Comic strips that have made me laugh out loud since Christmas:

9 to 5

Herb and Jamaal

Real Life Adventures


Pooch Cafe

The Duplex

Strange Brew


Jack Ohman

Tom Toles

Stuart Carlson

Anna Gregoline | February 5, 2004
Funny as always, thanks for collecting these, Scott!

Lori Lancaster | February 6, 2004
[hidden by request]

David Mitzman | February 8, 2004
I'm sorry Scott, but I don't think it's proper for you to post these comics without linking back to the artist's webpage or at least the newspaper's webpage. Don't you think that's bad nettiquette?

Kris Weberg | February 9, 2004
Nettiquette, maybe, but there's also the argument that these postings encourage we readers to support the print media that contianthem, thereby making a profit for the artists.

Anna Gregoline | February 9, 2004
He lists the authors though, and the titles of the cartoons. They should be easily searched on the web. I personally see nothing wrong with it.

David Mitzman | February 9, 2004
Well I was going to blow off some steam here relating to this last post.

Scott warned me that that post that initially pissed me off wasn't Anna's and it was someone else too cowardly to speak publicly. I know who it is now but I'll let Scott reveal who it really was. Either way, my post was a jab at an old grudge that for some reason really kept bothering me. Ah well. To Anna, that "suck my ass" comment doesn't apply to you, but still does to the original "nettiquette fiend".

Scott Hardie | February 9, 2004
It seems I owe Anna a two-year-old apology. When Dave posted that comic strip back in 2001, "The Copyright Fiend" (then "The Netiquette Fiend") took him to task for not linking the artwork. At the time, I assumed Anna was the fiend, and I even made a comment (about the Lawn Gestapo) that only she would understand.

Last fall, when bringing the TC1 discussions onto to the new TC4 site, I replaced all user handles with real names. This meant replacing "The Copyright Fiend" with Anna's name. Seeing that it was Anna who criticized him, Dave was trying to catch her in a double standard here. But I wanted to be sure before Dave sprung his trap, so I checked the IP addresses from my old TC1 logs, and the fiend turned out to be Michael Van Vleet, who I can only assume stopped reading this site years ago. Just now, I changed the names accordingly.

Anna, I apologize for smearing you. Dave, I apologize for the confusion. Michael, I don't apologize for nothin'.

David Mitzman | February 9, 2004
Anna: You're cool, just a miscommunication
Scott: You're cool, not really your fault (except to your allowing anonymous postings :-p)
Michael: Suck it

hehe. I'm glad I talked to you before I posted my message Scott, wouldn't want to get something started that shouldn't have been in the first place

Anna Gregoline | February 9, 2004
I had no idea that anything was directed at me in this thread. I didn't catch the reference, had forgotten the original post, and I think I'm either too forgetful or too dense to know what the "Lawn Gestapo," is, so count me clueless. Glad I'm not being blamed for something I didn't say and didn't remember I didn't say it, though!

(Did either of these posts really require such vehemence, anyway?)

Anna Gregoline | February 9, 2004
Also, for the record - it's exceedingly rare that I would conceal my identity online while making a comment, especially a negative one. I know this forum is now a very public one, but that goes for almost everything - if not my real name, I've provided an email address or my website (which includes a way to reach me).

Scott Hardie | February 10, 2004
The Lawn Gestapo was what you called the homeowners association back in South Elgin. Remember their gripes over the littlest problems in the neighborhood?

As for the vehemence... Well, people nitpicking you over something unimportant, and hiding behind a pseudonym to do it, can be galling. It was directed at Dave, but this was my home and I wasn't going to stand for it.

Anna Gregoline | February 10, 2004
Oh yeah, the Lawn, I forget even the things *I* say.

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