Scott Hardie | April 13, 2002
My friend (A) was telling me today that they had an argument with someone they knew (B). B was espousing certain values and ideals, and A accused B of being a hypocrite, because B listened to Dave Matthews, whose stated values differed from what B was saying. B would always go on and on about Dave Matthews Band, but when it came down to it, B disagreed with them. I sympathize with A for having an argument with B (it was about more than this and it sounded ugly), but I disagree with A's claim that B was a hypocrite. There's no requirement whatsoever that you agree with a musician in order to appreciate his or her music. My favorite musician is Joe Satriani, who puts strong Christian themes into a lot of his music, but you don't see me attending church. What do the rest of you think? (If A sees this and wants to comment, it's A's prerogative.)

Matthew Preston | April 14, 2002
Well, as I have mentioned before, my favorite band is Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder is the most outspoken on his beliefs, but the band stands behind him in everything. In fact, there are not many things that I agree with or that I like about them off-stage.

They are Pro-Choice, I am Pro-Life: I even attended a voters-for-choice concert in the heart of Washington D.C. The event raised money for organizations that aided women through their abortions. I didn't agree with the subject of the event, nor with where the money was going... I just went for the music and the fact that the place only held about 2,000 people. It was a great intimate concert and I would do it all again.

Ed is a big backer of Ralph Nader: Let's just say I am a die hard Republican... yeah, that's right... I voted for George Bush.

I guess the point is that I don't care what they stand for. As long as they keep making music and going on tour, I am happy. It is frequent in their near 11 year existence that bad things have happened, or Ed opens his mouth and sticks his foot in it. Their off stage politics are annoying and their rabid fans drive me nuts... but I don't care, I am in it for the music.

Jackie Mason | April 14, 2002
[hidden by request]

Matthew Preston | April 14, 2002
Sheds a lot more light on the subject. I really get annoyed by fans who stand up for, or pretend to stand up for what their favorite band believes in. Most of the music industry is based on image and not so much of the artistic value.

Anna Gregoline | April 17, 2002
I find the music I enjoy most is by artists that (from what I seen/read) have a good deal in common with my personal interests and tastes. I typically find this out months or years after I initially am attracted to their music.

This is not to say that every artist I enjoy or appreciate has (or has to have) the same beliefs and personality as myself. It just seems to be something that often happens.

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