Scott Hardie | August 13, 2003
At the moment, lurkers to this site can only look up basic information about you, such as how many goos you guessed or which TC topics you started. For them to find your birthdate, home town, bio, or other personal information, they have to have an account and click on "See All Users" in their control panels. (That's not to mention that you also have to enter that information in the first place.)

I'm considering making some kind of publicly-viewable user profile page, which would display all of the information about you in the database to anyone who sees it, registered user or not. My thinking is, most users don't mind their information getting displayed, and those who do mind can remove it.

But as we established long ago, my privacy standards are much lower than other people's, and some of you would certainly not like this switch. I'd like to know, please, which of you oppose it and which of you wouldn't mind. The results of this discussion will probably make the decision for me. I promise that if I do make such a page, I will give you enough advance notice to remove your information if desired.

Lori Lancaster | August 13, 2003
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | August 14, 2003
Just to be clear: Your real email address would still remain hidden, with only your forwarding address being displayed.

Would it be better if I implemented an option per user whether their info was displayed or not? That would not be difficult to implement and it would leave the choice up to each person.

Dave Stoppenhagen | August 14, 2003
It doesn't bother me having my information out there, but for those that like their privacy I think the option would be good.

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