Jeff Flom | April 25, 2003
I think the main reason that France and Germany were so opposed to the war in Iraq does not stem from any moral opposition to an unjust war, whatever that may be. Does not stem from a fear of collateral damage. Does not stem from the fact that Europe has suffered horrendously through two world wars (Appx. 50 Million Dead).
Consider this, Europe is more dependent on Middle East oil than the United States is. Europe, like the United States is "The West", if Islamic Fundamentalism takes hold in Iraq and then, presumably, elsewhere they are in just as much danger as we. The French and Germans have a lot to lose if things go wrong in the mid-east. Their opposition stems from a fear that the United States will not be willing or able to control the situation in Post War Iraq.
I fear that we may prove them right. I do not think that Iraq will become a quagmire for the United States, it will not become Vietnam because we will abandon Iraq and hope for the best at our earliest convenience. Precisely what the French and Germans are most fearful of.
To this end the United States should swallow its pride and allow the United Nations a long and prominent peacekeeping / nation building role in Post War Iraq. Yes, it was American blood that was shed but it was also Iraqi blood. Let us be sure that these people died for a reason; let us be sure that Iraq does become a true, successful democracy. Invite the United Nations in.

Scott Hardie | April 26, 2003
I'm for the United Nations rebuilding Iraq, instead of the United States doing it, for the same reason that I wanted them to be the ones to eliminate Saddam Hussein: It's their rightful duty, not ours. And better yet, they might actually do their duty this time. ;-)

It's great to have you back, Jeff.

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