Erik Bates | July 11, 2003
[hidden by request]

Denise Sawicki | July 11, 2003
Sounds like a fun idea to me too, I'm always trying to find excuses to have some chance of getting people to listen to my music. (I also do check out what other people say they like).

Scott Hardie | July 12, 2003
Going to sleep at 2 in the afternoon... I miss college.

Good ideas, Erik. I added the recents to the author menu, so click on an author's menu to see all of the recents submitted by that author, even if they're older than three months. (You can get to an author menu either by clicking on their face or name in a topic, like my face to the left of this text, or by clicking on a name in the "browse TC by author" list on the main menu's yellow sidebar.)

As for the description field, it's probably easiest just to use the "title" field for that. There's no limit to how much text can be entered there. If there is sufficient popular demand, I'll add a description field that will display the full description beneath each recent. (My thinking is, if anybody has more than two sentences to say about a book or movie they just finished, they'll probably start a fresh topic about it instead.)

Even though some of the eight existing recents barely get used, I'm open to suggestions on more categories. One I've considered is Food, since every time I go to the grocery, I buy something just for fun, like a candy bar or some Capri Sun or something. Other ideas? Support for a Food recent?

I also fixed a glitch on the topic page, having to do with large recent images. You will now no longer be able to submit an image that is more than 200 pixels wide. (I had to edit Daniel and Mike's existing images to make them fit.)

Erik Bates | October 27, 2003
[hidden by request]

Nadine Russell | October 27, 2003
Hey Erik! Glad you liked it. You should check out some of his earlier stuff. This was his first solo album. Everything else can be found under "Matthew Good Band". Try Hello Time Bomb. One of my favorites.

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