Steve West | January 15, 2023
Game time! I've created a few Rock Block Rebuses and with Scott's help, finally figured out how to post and share. To answer the Rebus puzzle, private message me on this site and I will reply whether you are correct. In a week or so, I wiil publish the answer, who got it right, and the next Rebus. Good luck and have fun! This first one isn't too, too tough (I think).

click image to zoom

Scott Hardie | January 17, 2023
Thanks, Steve! I'm so looking forward to this! :-)

Steve West | January 19, 2023
A: Arcade Fire (Ark + First Aid - First + Fire) solved by Scott Hardie and Matt Preston. Another easy one before the difficulty increases.

click image to zoom

Steve West | January 21, 2023
A: Indigo Girls (INDIE (Jones) + GO + (Two Broke) GIRLS) solved by Erik Bates, Matt Preston, and Scott Hardie. Difficulty rating on the rise.

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Steve West | January 25, 2023
A: Crosby Stills and Nash ((Denise) CROSBY + STILL + SAND + NASH (gnash)) solved by Erik Bates and Scott Hardie. RIP David Crosby. The difficulty rating elevator is sitting on the bottom floor with this one.

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