Scott Hardie | October 4, 2003
It's not funny that someone got injured, no, but the irony is delicious.

Roy (Siegfried's buddy) was attacked by his tiger during a show.

Don't fuck with nature, assholes.

Anna Gregoline | October 4, 2003
Best. Quote. Ever. “We honestly thought it was part of the show, we didn’t know what was going on,” said Sharna Wiblen, who was in the audience. Andy Cushman, also in the audience, said Horn “looked like a rag doll” as the tiger dragged him off the stage.

Jackie Mason | October 7, 2003
[hidden by request]

Aaron Fischer | October 7, 2003
Is there a video of this available on the internet?

Scott Hardie | October 8, 2003
As usual, members of PETA are applauding the incident. “The only natural thing that happened on that stage was that this majestic animal lashed out against a captor who was beating him with a microphone because he wouldn’t do a trick," wrote spokesman Dan Mathews in a letter to Siegfried & Roy, again demonstrating his warped view of reality. I hate PETA.

Anna Gregoline | October 8, 2003
PETA is indeed scary. Everything I read said he was using the microphone to beat the tiger off of him after the attack started. I doubt anyone would use the microphone they needed to talk to the audience as a animal prod.That said, I think PETA has a point about animals peforming. For some it has some merit - an example being dolphins and animals that benefit from these types of enriching exercises of jumps and things they do naturally. But I've never seen any evidence that tigers and big cats enjoy nor benefit from performances of the Sigmund and Roy sort.

Anna Gregoline | October 9, 2003
Dude. I'm scared of bears, yessir. Rather be killed by a tiger, thanks.

Anna Gregoline | October 9, 2003
Hey, why is this thread titled, "Roy Gorged?" Am I missing a joke?

Scott Hardie | October 9, 2003
Just a word play on "Boy George." I don't spend much time on discussion titles. :-)

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