Scott Hardie | November 27, 2002
In the news today was the announcement that face transplants are now surgically feasible procedures. (article here) I like the mention that "few were willing to donate their own [face] after dying," probably a huge understatement. :-) Any thoughts?

Lori Lancaster | November 29, 2002
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | November 29, 2002
I like your point, Lori - donating organs to save a life is a noble thing, but by donating your face, all you're doing is helping someone look better. Or in my case, more porcine.

Jackie Mason | November 29, 2002
[hidden by request]

Matthew Preston | November 30, 2002
No one can have any part of mine, for any reason. Not that they would want things I already fucked up anyway.

Anna Gregoline | December 1, 2002
I say go ahead and take my face. It won't look like me placed on another person, and I won't be using it anyway.

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