Scott Hardie | November 29, 2019
[hidden by request]

Steve West | November 29, 2019
This seems a little obvious but have you considered a portable desk? There are several, easily transportable varieties, many of which are less than $100.00. Some are two tiered but still appropriate for small spaces. They tend to fold flat so transporting and carrying it is only a small hassle. Because it stores easily, perhaps the office would be willing to keep it there for you. See a bunch of them on Amazon.

Samir Mehta | November 29, 2019
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | December 1, 2019
Excellent solutions! I will try both of those. I once thought of bringing a folding TV tray as a portable desk, but as a fat guy, I'm self-conscious about being seen as too fat to hold a laptop on my lap, so I kind of brushed it off without really thinking about it. That's actually a great idea and an easy solution. And Samir's second suggestion is good too: There's a McDonald's and a Starbucks nearby, both of which would offer wi-fi and comfortable tables at which to work, and I wouldn't feel strange sitting there with a laptop. I'd need to buy something, but I don't mind getting a Diet Coke or something light in calories. Thank you both very much -- I feel a lot better about this now! :-)

Samir Mehta | January 19, 2020
[hidden by request]

Scott Hardie | January 20, 2020
Not as well as I had hoped. I tried the McDonald's, but it's apparently the Friday-morning gathering site for two clubs of retired men who argue non-stop. And when I say non-stop, I mean that I was there for over an hour and the noise never once let up. The ceaseless cacophony of loud voices shouting over each other, with not a single person apparently listening to another, was maddening. It was like being on a cable news show. I left early because I couldn't tolerate it any longer; I immediately felt much better just by stepping outside of the building.

The Starbucks is still under construction but should open in the next month. There's a Taco Bell open for breakfast which I'll probably try. I haven't tried the portable desk idea yet; that one's still viable too. I might also talk to my boss about simply blocking out my calendar and working a half-day every other Friday and getting the work done elsewhere in the week. :-\

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