Scott Horowitz | March 3, 2005
So, every year eonline does a campaign to save TV shows in danger of cancellation.


Anyone have any favorites that they'd like to see saved? I'm personally hoping Veronica Mars makes it. I'm pissed at UPN already for shit-canning Enterprise, it has been fantastic this season. If they kill Veronica Mars also, I most likely will boycott the network.

Dave Stoppenhagen | March 3, 2005
Dead Like Me wasn't renewed on Showtime. It was one of the few shows that I watched religiously

Scott Horowitz | March 4, 2005
Don't get Showtime, but I've heard good things about that show. I heard they are shopping it around though.

Scott Hardie | March 4, 2005
The only show I watch is "Survivor," which I can imagine someday becoming bad enough as to be unwatchable, but I still cannot imagine it being canceled.

I do root for efforts to keep beloved shows on the air, however. In the case of "Enterprise," I think the show got what it asked for. The writing staff not only constructed a season-long story arc that made it impossible for casual viewers like me to get into it at all, but from what I saw, it was Star Trek dialogue at its worst, so stuffy and formal and unnatural (and boring). Then, on top of poor writing choices, they sucked in what I heard was the biggest budget of any television show, lavishing it on great special effects. "ER," which has taken its own dip in popularity and I predict is soon to be canceled, once commanded something like $13 million per episode, but it was consistently top-ten-rated at the time (frequently #1) and could justify the cost. "Enterprise" was throwing millions of dollars at a small niche audience that would have watched it anyway. The only way to save "Enterprise" would have been to bring the budget back down to early TNG size, and more importantly, fire Berman and Braga and get some new people running the show who haven't been doing the same damn thing for fifteen years.

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