Scott Hardie | December 21, 2001
I had two dreams recently that I thought were worth sharing. Taken literally, they were horrible, but as I'll explain, both made me feel good.

The first dream was about Steve Taylor. He's a friend of Kelly and Jackie and I, and for the last three weeks of the school semester he was pestering Kelly and I about taking him driving. Not only did he need rides to the used car lot to get his car, but also to the driver's license facility, and many trips around town behind the wheel to practice. Part of the problem was that Steve rarely called us to just hang out, he only called whenever he needed us to drive him somewhere. That, and he would call constantly when the time came - make plans with him at "around 3:10," and the phone would ring at 3:11, 3:13, 3:16, and so on. Kelly got in the habit of either complaining about him or outright ditching him when they made plans to go out, and certainly this upset him and caused them friction. On the day he was supposed to finally get his car and license, he stopped calling us, and we never heard from him again. Repeated phone calls were ignored, and Kelly and I knocked on his apartment door but didn't get an answer. The car he bought was gone from the lot, so we think he got it and ditched us. For a while, Kelly and Jackie were speculating that he had killed himself, which was foolish imo, but whatever, no harm done. Anyway, I had a dream in which Kelly told me that he had killed himself, that his body had been found slashed and bruised at the bottom of a stairwell, with a suicide note on him. It was morbid and I remember feeling some depression that he was dead, but at least the mystery was solved, and in its own way that felt good.

The second dream was about someone who I can't name on my web site because of a promise I made years ago. Lori and Kelly, I think you know who I mean. This was an old friend of mine who I hadn't seen in years. For some reason I was in his house and talking to him again as though we had just been reunited, catching up on what was going on. He had a look of resentment on his face and I think he was mad at me, or maybe disappointed in me, over all those years in which we didn't talk. At one point, in telling me what was going on in his life, he said that his father had had some kind of stroke and was on medication that severely altered his personality. Just then, a naked fat man went running by the window, loudly singing Christmas carols. Fucking awesome. :-)

Matthew Preston | December 23, 2001
think I know who you are talking about in the second dream. I still swear that I saw him in '97 at ECC (Elgin Community College). The part about the naked fat man rules.... do you remember which Christmas Carol he was singing?

Speaking of dreams, I had my re-ocurring nightmare again last night. It is always the same sort of plotline, with a few minor differences. I am at my old home in St. Charles, IL and a few planes start flying over. Then war planes and fighter jets and bombers and pretty soon the whole sky is errupted in fighting. Planes start to crash around my home and I have to flee for cover.

This time it started while I was in my driveway and a Delta airlines plane flew over my home at about 300 feet escorted by fighter jets. Then a B-52 bomber made a pass over. As I looked in the opposite direction, their was a weird looking airplane (kind of like a futuristic jet - huge in size, sort of diamond shaped and travelling smoothly and quietly). It was also escorted by fighter jets. The sky then had planes everywhere, I lost track as to what they were. Most were just flying, not really engaged in battle, just preparing.

Then I noticed my father building bleachers in the driveway. They were able to be put together without screws, kind of a lock-tite system. He knew what was going on but didn't seem to care. Just then we heard an explosion and a humming sound getting louder and closer (dopler effect). My dad got scared and he and I ran into the garage and closed the door and huddled together for protection. A plane crashed into the driveway destroying the bleachers, but we were fine. We rejoiced that we were okay and the planes were all gone now. The police were on their way and then I woke up.

Very strange, this is the first time that I have had this dream when I wasn't alone. It is also the first time that it had a conclusion. I have always woken up during a plane crashing or rather, avoiding planes crashing. I have never been harmed in any of them, always just getting out of the way at the last second. Once, a nuclear blast happened, but again I found shelter in my garage and was unharmed while it was happening. I woke up right then.

I have searched the internet about planes in dreams, but all of them talk about being on the plane when something bad happens (crashing, not leaving, etc). None of them talk about witnessing it. Ah well.

Scott Hardie | December 23, 2001
Jingle Bells, I think. I remember him twirling a white shirt, or maybe a towel, over his head as though he had just taken it off.

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