Matthew Preston | July 7, 2002
My parents are avid watchers of the TLC program "Trading Spaces." It is a show where two couples switch houses and redecorate one room. For example, in the episode I watched, one couple redecorated their neighbor's bedroom, while that couple redecorated the first couples basement playroom.

Each couple gets a $1000 budget, a decorater to help things along, and a carpenter is on hand for any woodworking. Anyways, my point to this post is one of the furniture items created for the basement playroom. They used a paint on a small circular desk that when dried, became a chalkboard! It just looked like black paint, but sure enough, the little girl who plays in the basement now has a chalkboard desk. Man, I am gonna get me some of that! I want all chalkboard furniture.

Scott Hardie | July 7, 2002
Hey, remember how in grade school, when some kid would do something bad, he'd get his name up on the chalkboard? Then it would get underlined, then it would get crossed out, if he kept misbehaving? You could do that on your desk, dude. Except you'd be the only name, I guess.

Lori Lancaster | July 7, 2002
[hidden by request]

Kelly Lee | July 8, 2002
Dude, I could totally make that for you. I know you want a chalkboard bed.

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