Scott Hardie | August 8, 2003
If Doonesbury epitomized the 1970s, Bloom County represented the 1980s, and Dilbert captured the 1990s, which comic strip will best come to represent this decade? That's what this Newsweek article wonders. I'm inclined to prefer The Boondocks (no other strip makes me laugh out loud so consistently), but unfortunately, that strip's politics are even more one-sided than Doonesbury's. Another strip I read daily is Adam, which is rarely funny, but does a fairly good job of capturing the current zeitgeist. Other nominees?

Anthony Lewis | August 9, 2003
I don't know if "The Boondocks" will come to symbolize this decade, unless dissent or skepticism in the face of blind patriotism becomes the hallmark of these ten years. What I WILL say about the strip is that it is the most timely strips and thought-provoking strips out there. I would like to see more of Riley (Escobar) though.

Scott Hardie | January 27, 2004
I have to mention: "Boondocks" has become a growing disappointment to me lately. I wish I knew exactly how many days it has been since it has not dealt with something political or topical, and just had fun with the characters being themselves. It seems like ages. I generally like the political humor, but it's been relentless lately.

Taking its place in my heart, for now, is the excellent "Pooch Café." This strip single-handedly revived my "Comic Strip Roundup" from TC3, soon to get another update. My favorite strip:

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