Scott Hardie | January 10, 2002
Last night Kelly and I went grocery shopping, and one of her few purchases (she's broke) was a large cinnamon pastry that could serve as two meals or several snacks. Today I walked into the kitchen to find two mice inside the bag, eating the pastry. One got away, but I captured the other one. I put himside the humane trap and drowned him in the bathroom sink. He was terrified and fought it, but he had no choice but to drown. I dumped out the humane trap, water and mouse, in the backyard, and the stray cats will eat him by nightfall. How do I feel? A bit nervous, since it's the first time I've deliberately murdered something that wasn't an insect, but I feel the flush of victory. There are at least a dozen more mice in this house, but now there's one less. And I put the pastry right back on the counter, in the hopes that I can kill some more mice today.

Anna Gregoline | January 10, 2002
Wow, Scott, you're tougher than me.
I can't imagine.

And am I sick to find it a bit funny that you used the "humane" trap to drown a mouse?

Matthew Preston | January 11, 2002
As Anna pointed out, I like the irony of using the humane trap for a killing device. I say good for you, but I don't think this is a war that you can win.... not without a shitload of pastry anyways. Go get some DCON and several old fashion traps. Take the little buggers out.

Scott Hardie | January 11, 2002
Anna - I noticed the irony as well. I tried to use this little cage that we have, but there was just enough of an air pocket inside for the mouse to survive. The humane trap had no such pocket. It also made cleanup easier.

Matt - I agree, I can't win the war by my bare hands. Capturing him the way I did was just serendipity. I could have let him go at the edge of town, but these little bastards have been making noise in every corner of every room, eating our food, shitting all over everything, and even running out by my hand while I was at my computer. I wanted vengeance, and I continue to want it. I still plan to buy DCON, but I'm too broke to get it for about two weeks yet. We tried old-fashioned traps, but the mice don't go for them. :-\

Anna Gregoline | January 13, 2002" TARGET=_blank>

Someone with your same feeling of war.

Scott Hardie | January 14, 2002
Cool! Thanks!

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