Anna Gregoline | July 27, 2004
What is the worst television show or movie you've ever seen? Why did you hate it?

Scott Hardie | July 28, 2004
Movie: We went over this just recently, but Sam Raimi's "The Evil Dead." I acknowledge a few creative camera angles, and that's all; the rest of it is representative of the worst that the horror genre regularly dredges up and passes off as entertainment. Is it just me, or are horror-movie fans among the least discriminating audiences anywhere? (And as I have never subscribed to the "so bad it's good" school of thought on terrible films, I can't accept this garbage as its valedictorian.)

Television: Tough call, because I have forgotten so much that I saw before I stopped watching broadcast TV about six years ago. But I have rented plenty of TV from Netflix in the time since, and while the Christmas episode of "My So-Called Life" was patronizing and insulting, and the final episode of "Friends" was awful and stupid, I think I have to give the dubious title to the pilot episode of "Star Trek" from 1966. I had intended to watch that 40-year space saga from the very beginning, but since it took every last ounce of sheer willpower I had to make it all the way through that self-satisfied, sexist melodrama, the second it was over, I cleared out every item of "Star Trek" from my queue up to 1987 and the arrival of both political correctness and good storytelling. It has been a pleasure ever since.

Scott Horowitz | July 28, 2004
The worst movie I've seen is hard to pick, there are so many of them. My now ex-girlfriend took me to see Meet Joe Black. I wanted to gouge out my eyes with a spoon. Brad Pitt is a terrible actor as a live person, he plays dead even worse. I sat outside the theater for over an hour waiting for the movie to end.

Steve West | July 28, 2004
There were moments in "The Lucy Show" in which Lucille Ball attempts to maintain that crazy Lucy shtick of hers that made me cringe. Seeing that creaky old lady slapsticking on an even creakier ladder crying for Mr. Mooney's help, made me want to scream at the television, "Get off that ladder before you break your hip." This was supposed to be funny - I almost cried.

Anna Gregoline | July 28, 2004
I have to disagree - while I spent many years making fun of Brad "Arm" Pitt, I had to finally and reluctantly admit he's a good actor - try Seven Years in Tibet if you don't believe me. I remember that one as excellent.

Scott Hardie | July 28, 2004
Damn. "Meet Joe Black." I have sincerely tried to watch that movie twice and been interrupted by friends both times because they were unwilling to sit through the whole thing. I sure do love rewinding the car accident over and over, though.

Anna Gregoline | July 28, 2004
Meet Joe Black isn't the best movie. For one thing, it's just too long to sustain the weird idea. It also can't decide if it wants to be a comedy or a drama. Very weird flick.

Lori Lancaster | July 28, 2004
[hidden by request]

John Viola | August 9, 2004
Event Horizon: When I saw it I thought it was going to be a sci-fi flick, not a space horror. It started off sci-fi enough but turned into a 'Nightmare on Uranus' movie real quick. The second time I watched it around Halloween knowing what to expect, and it wasn't too bad.

Sliders Fifth Season. After enjoying the first three seasons, the fourth was bad and the fifth was awful.

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