Scott Hardie | October 18, 2002
From Paul Harris: "In Surry, Canada, two RCMP constables were doing surveillance from an unmarked police car when they decided to get something to eat. They walked to a nearby restaurant, where they saw a car parked illegally. They ran a check on the license plates and discovered that the car had been reported stolen. They waited until a man came out of a nearby pawn shop to get into the stolen car and they arrested him. They took him to the station, booked him, did the paperwork, and then went back to the restaurant. Before they could get inside, they noticed a well-known car thief getting out of a pickup truck. Sure enough, a check of the license showed the truck had been stolen and they arrested him, booked him, did the paperwork, and then went back to the restaurant to finally get something to eat. But on the way in, they saw two guys carrying golf bags into the pawn shop and acting very nervous. They decided to investigate and found that these guys were also driving a stolen car. They arrested and processed them, too. By this point, the cops were done with their shift, so they went to a restaurant next to the police station to get a meal without interruption."

Anna Gregoline | October 19, 2002
Exactly why I'm not a cop...don't you think by the third time you'd be like, eh, let 'em go?

Scott Hardie | October 19, 2002
Is that a Canadian joke?

Matthew Preston | October 19, 2002
No, I think that would be "let 'em go eh?"

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