Scott Hardie | December 24, 2005
We've discussed before whether certain school dress codes were fair or unfair, but the latest incident has an added quality. (link) This student wanted to wear a kilt to his school dance, and was turned away at the door by the principal, and now he's making a stink about it. Sounds like all the usual cases where some kid wants to rebel for the hell of it (I knew some boys who wore skirts to my high school just to be difficult), but by the account on CNN, this boy doesn't sound like the type. He was motivated by a genuine, years-long interest in his Scottish heritage, and before the dance he sought and received permission from school officials by showing them the kilt itself, so it seems he wasn't trying to get away with something. Speaking as a Scots descendent, I'm troubled to hear another Scot (McClard) say that wearing a kilt, which is formal attire, makes you look like a clown. After all the pains this country went through over political correctness in the last fifteen years, is this sort of thing really still happening? Let the boy wear it already; it's not harming anybody.

Jackie Mason | December 24, 2005
[hidden by request]

Amy Austin | December 24, 2005
Even if he did "go commando" underneath, it still shouldn't be a big deal -- why should anybody know of such a thing?! Are they actually going to check??? Reminds me of the new policy in the Navy prohibiting women from wearing thongs under their uniforms (why is anyone looking that hard?!?!?!)... but that's another story. Ahhh, it's just another example of people longing for control and conflict in the world, no matter how small the level.

Scott Horowitz | December 27, 2005
come on you know you want our last line of defense to have underwear shoved up their crack!!!

Michael Paul Cote | December 28, 2005
I guess if the principal thought that the kilt would cause problems, he was right. Bet he didn't think he'd be the responsible party.

Scott Hardie | December 30, 2005
Self-fulfilling prophecies are the best kind. I predict I'm going to eat some ice cream in one minute.

I'll be right back.

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